On a weekend that was supposed to feature the NBA All-star game, the Daytona 500, Bassmasters Classic, an EverStart tour event, plus Hollywood’s premier awards ceremony–the Oscar Presentations–let’s kick out a few awards–no statuettes, but at least a semblance. Call them ‘Scars for short.

Leading the way, was Mother Nature with the “Best performance knocking a scheduled event right off the airwaves” for raining out NASCAR’s biggest (at Daytona) event until tonight.

On the fishing scene, the ‘Scar for “Worst attendance by local pros on their home lake” goes to all the missing anglers from Lake Havasu City for the EverStart Series event on Lake Havasu over the weekend. According to the official FLW record, just seven locals entered the event (one, Justin Kerr, still listing his old Simi Valley address).

Where are those guys?

I suppose L.A. basketball fans would like to give a ‘Scar to Miami’s D-Wade for breaking Kobe Bryant’s nose in the NBA All-Star Game. But Kobe is probably the only one to end up with a scar on that one.

And finally, to the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, we present a ‘Scar for “The best use of outdated weigh-in gear.” I’m all for the bass fishing traditions, but in this day of high-tech devices, how come there were so many ties in a 49-man field?

Not only did a non-measuring tie-breaker knock Mike Iacconelli out of making the final day cut of the Classic; on the first day there were ties for 6th, 11th, 14th and 19th places and for the final result, there were ties for 9-10th, 11-12th and 13-14th places.

Hello, B.A.S.S. headquarters: we can now weigh in 10ths and even 100ths of a pound–you don’t have to round them off.





3 Responses to “Bass fishing earns ‘Scars for busy weekend”

George, I couldn’t agree with you more, and I have been saying it for years. With the kind of money on the line along with careers in jeopardy there is no excuse for these tournament organizations not to have the most advanced scales on the market , Hell i’m pretty sure even the local drug dealers have a better scale than the one Tripp Weldon uses.

Well, Mike, I’m maybe not as sure–but I get your point. 😉

Well, George, thanks got yours too.