MORE BASS should be approved today to add to the existing Elsinore population.

UPDATED, 8:45 p.m.–Just returned from the City Council meeting. The staff report from Mr. Pat Kilroy was accepted and the Council voted 5-0 in favor of the bass stocking. Those fish are anticipated to arrive in late March or early April.

It may not cause ripples across the land, but maybe across three local counties when the Lake Elsinore City Council votes tonight on a measure that would bring some 7000 largemouth bass to the lake sometime in the next four weeks.

They won’t all be adults, but the plan (at this point) is to have about 500 catchables go in along with thousands of 10-11 inchers and another group of fish roughly half that size.

According to Pat Kilroy, Director of the Lake, Parks & Recreation Dept., the funding has already been appropriated, but the necessary Council and public discussion are required, with approval the final step. Needless to say, having a few more fish to catch–especially for those of us who release everything–just makes the possibilities here more interesting.

What hasn’t been widely advertised are the number of fish already showing up from the existing population and the bass transplants from as recently as a month ago. It’s only due to my “rotary phone” level technology that I can’t show you the bass photos I have received from local pro Pat Keniry.

A pair of the fish he has caught and photographed were over four pounts, with nothing less than a pound and a quarter. According to Keniry, the largest of the fish were dark green and very un-Lake Elsinore like. However, he said that most were built in the tradtional “football” shape. Light jigs and spinnerbaits have been getting them for Pat.

Now we’ll wait and see what happens.




2 Responses to “Vote today on Elsinore black bass stocking”

Very good news. Now just need lots of rain

by George Kramer

You are absolutely correct, Edward. All our potential means nothing if the lake level does not get up closer to 1250 in the next few years. We’re all hoping.