While the world continues to breathe heavily over the use of the umbrella rig, now is the time for insidious minds to conjure. I mean, if they can shoot a rock star, they sure as heck could cast an audio spell to usurp a prominent tournament pro.

If you follow the talk on bassfan.com you know it’s Kevin Van Dam who touts the sound-tossing HydroWave as stimulating bass feeding activity. But he’s also taken some heat (more…)

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A CHUNK for Rusty Brown...

This weekend will probably see a bigger crowd than opening day (Wednesday, Feb. 1) but word trickling in suggests there are some fish to catch as long as the weather holds. Although you may be able to root out fish on cuts or rockpiles from the narrows to the dam, the most common denominator of reports I’ve received are the deeper tules or reeds.

Orange County guide Rusty Brown  offered this, “I’d say, eight to 11 feet, on the isolated, deeper tules with a little rock.” In the case of his biggest fish of the day–an 8 1/2-pounder– (more…)

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TODAY'S COLA catch was not too short of 8 pounds.

UPDATED, 4 p.m. Tuesday–Anybody can make a lucky cast, and I admit to those all the time. But following up on the theme of yesterday’s cola 4.8 Flick-Shake performance, we put the little worm back on display and the oily little shaker came through again. The result, this one at an even 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

While the world of bass lures, colors, scents and configurations is fraught with contradictions, sometimes it’s still okay to hang on to what works. That’s the way I think about the cola-colored Flick-Shakes (but also watermelon pepper) in the 4.8-size because they just get more bites.

Of course, this puzzles Jackall’s Curt Arakawa. He sees the sales numbers and the 5.8-inch size clearly outsells them all. Worse than that (on the stat sheet), (more…)

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