We know some under-performers already in 2012 (notably Diamond Valley Lake). And a few that have not got the same boat traffic due to the popularity of other local waters (Perris, or Silverwood). There’s even a lake that might get future consideration after its bass stocking next week (Elsinore).

But this year is there a clear “Comeback Lake” that is kicking out fish and suddenly drawing angler attention? (more…)

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A younger generation of bass fishermen might not know the name, but for decades, Shag Shahid was the promotional face of Lew’s Speed Spools, especially following the death of Lew Childre in 1977. Making public appearances mostly in the South, the clever trick caster was also pictured regularly in advertising in the pages of Bassmaster Magazine and other publications.

I learned today that Shahid, 86, passed this weekend after a series of health issues.

While bass fishermen from Cajun bayou country (more…)

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Kudos to Ish Monroe for cracking the 100-pound barrier enroute to his second Bassmaster Elite win this weekend on Florida’s Lake Ocheechobee. But also kudos to the fishing industry for providing the specialty tools it sometimes takes to win.

Several years back, on the Louisiana Delta, I was a press observer with Mark Rizk in the Bassmasters Classic, an event that provided some conditions similar to Florida (more…)

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Apartment dwellers, home renters or homeowners may not see the entire economy moving in their favor, but there is a glimpse of hope in the world of 15-foot and over boats (and outboards), according to story in Or maybe it’s just that hope associated with fishermen–they still want to go. (more…)

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Cody Meyer’s fast track success to tour fishing is well-documented, leading to an expanded business relationship with Jackall Lures. But while he has established himself on the FLW Tour, Meyer has continued to look for ever more opportunities to showcase his talents and market his sponsors.

As he mentioned to me this afternoon, that effort seems to have no boundaries. “Besides the Tour,” he said, “I’ve signed up for the Northern [B.A.S.S.] Opens, though I don’t know if I’ll get in. And this year, I’m going to fish the U.S. Open.” (more…)

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GABE BOLIVAR working his way back...

On the heels of his former FLW running mate, Brent Ehrler’s most recent win, the name Gabe Bolivar (last known address Oceanside) bobbed to the surface. Didn’t I fish with him a year ago at this time at Lake Sutherland and then later in the summer at Diamond Valley? Wasn’t he guiding and working construction enroute to a return to pro fishing?

Thought so. And then–deathly silence–enough that you could have mistaken his absense as one deceased.

But that’s not the case. (more…)

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7000 aquatic plants will go in here

After a week of horizontal recuperation, I’m finally getting back to a swivel seat: this one in the office, and hopefully, the other one out in the garage. But with the rain in the immediate forecast, I think I’ll sit out a few more days until my throat is no longer the color of my boat.

I did want to mention a couple of things coming up. One, a large group of volunteers (me included) will be planting aquatic vegetation in the wetlands area, south of the dike on Saturday, April 28. (more…)

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BIG MONEY at Mead in June...

UPDATED–I’m not an ABA member so I didn’t get the memo yet, but if you haven’t heard, Lucas Oil (of auto and drag boat racing fame) is hooking up with the organization known primarily for team tournaments to offer a showcase, shared weight pro-am at Lake Mead.

Since no one publicly refuted the comments made on, I’ll presume this contest really is offering a top prize of $50,000 cash along with (more…)

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Of course, it’s easy. Just fish every weekend at the same lake and when the tournament comes to town, go collect. Of course, when you’re busy divining every acre of the local pond, how will you also be able to get up to speed on all the other tour lakes?

Just for drill, I picked out 25 spots (more…)

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EHRLER WINS, and Pro-Line Jigs two of his weapons...

UPDATED [Ehrler winnings]–How come you didn’t catch me on this? He’s got almost $1.25 million from FLW tournament fishing. My bad.

It seems like eons ago that I took my first pictures of Redlands’ Brent Ehrler at Lake Perris, El Capitan, and finally Diamond Valley. (And he doesn’t even like the latter. ) But the thing is, this guy can just as quickly hook up his trailer, drive all the way across the country and win a hundred grand on any given week.

And he did it yet again on Sunday, pocketing $125,000 at South Carolina’s Hartwell Lake on the FLW Tour. This was the fourth tour type event he has won, to go along with an equal number of championship events in his short career.

Can you believe it? He’s almost reached (more…)

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