THAT LITTLE add-on barb really holds 'em...

Getting on a hot bite with soft worms has triggered some searching on my part. We know a lot of stuff, but sometimes we need to put ideas into action. For one thing, how lucky we are out West to have the ReBarb hook. Think about it. There may have once been a line of baits called “Jelly Worms,” but California hand-pourers actually use real jelly–or so it seems.

You know what I mean, the Bonzai, Robo or Bass Chow baits. They may melt in the fish’s mouth, but sometimes they almost melt off your hook. That’s why that little shrink-wrapped holding barb makes it possible to fish those softies.

HOW REBARB holds...

But here’s a thought. If you’re going into the cover, even the tules in clear water, you might want the same feature on a round bend Daiichi or thicker shafted hook because of the forces of fishing braid or a heavier mono when hook-setting. Anyway, it’s a thought.

OVERHAND knot holds it on, but line will part with enough pressure...

But the other bugaboo for drop-shotting in the stuff is the number of sinker casualties you can have if you don’t do something to make you sacrificial sinker not so sacrificial. I often tie an overhand knot at the end of my tag line to control some loss, but when you’re catching them, there’s a lot of shaking and even the knot in the line isn’t enough.

AS SUGGESTED, a knot in the tag line is an option...

One quick message to San Diego guide Tom Lowery and I discovered, there is no rule against tying directly to the sinker. In fact, Tom emailed, “Finesse ds just pinch [line] in the vee…..power or bubba shot in heavy stuff I tie a knot.”

I think I’ll do just that tomorrow morning.


6 Responses to “Drop-shot stuff you probably already know”

by Guy Williams

Little trick for the weight, tie a knot on the line then put the weight on. If the weight slides it will hit the knot and give you a little more solid grip to the weight.

by George Kramer

Thanks, Guy. I didn’t say it so clearly on the first draft. I think I learned that tip from you. 🙂

Or buy a drop shot weight with a quality swivel snap.

Hand-poured lures are still made in California. Western Plastics has been doing so in their La Mesa facility since 1986. You can find freshwater lure manufactured by Western Plastics at Turners Outdoors (Vista & San Diego), Fish ‘n Marine Center (Lakeside), Lakeside Bait & Tackle (Lakeside) and Angler’s Arsenal (La Mesa). One nice advantage of hand pours is special colors, to your specifications, can be produced in relatively small quantities.

by George Kramer

More good reasons for the ReBarb…

by Jojo Norwood.

I gave up on that type of sinker….I just use “bass casting” sinkers. Our fish don’t know the difference. They show-up better on my Garmin too. My favorite hook is a 1/0 Mustad Mega-Lite. ReBarb hooks are not availible here, but Trokar makes Flip’n hooks that sorta look like that. Robo is a very good worm for our clear waters and spotted bass.