EHRLER WINS, and Pro-Line Jigs two of his weapons...

UPDATED [Ehrler winnings]–How come you didn’t catch me on this? He’s got almost $1.25 million from FLW tournament fishing. My bad.

It seems like eons ago that I took my first pictures of Redlands’ Brent Ehrler at Lake Perris, El Capitan, and finally Diamond Valley. (And he doesn’t even like the latter. ) But the thing is, this guy can just as quickly hook up his trailer, drive all the way across the country and win a hundred grand on any given week.

And he did it yet again on Sunday, pocketing $125,000 at South Carolina’s Hartwell Lake on the FLW Tour. This was the fourth tour type event he has won, to go along with an equal number of championship events in his short career.

Can you believe it? He’s almost reached the $2,000,000 mark in earnings. (Actually closer to $1 million, but climbing.) Not bad for a guy who was backseater, what, eight years ago?

But if I could make an observation. I’ve been in the boat with him plenty of times and he will never wow you with trick lures or off-the-wall patterns. But what he has mastered is the skill of observing what’s going on and merging it with seasonal patterns. And then, there is his undaunted confidence.

Most anglers tend rise slowly in their craft–but also tumble quickly when something interupts their flow. But I don’t see it with Brent. A month ago in Florida, he was just another guy with fishing rods in his van where he finished so far down the list, I didn’t think he was entered. In fact, he didn’t do a lot better in a couple of events before that.

But boom. Get him on something reservoir like, in the pre-spawn, and let him use what he needs to get the bites–and he’ll get  ’em.

That’s our boy.


4 Responses to “Brent Ehrler, no ordinary California bass pro”

by Jojo Norwood.

Hartwell is right up the road {20 miles+/-} don’t fish it much anymore. Glad to see they caught them so many ways. I liked his thinking….he was going to go shallow but everybody else was doing it so he looked deep. Good Job Brent.

and he caught them on Phenix Jigs that were made right here in Temecula two weeks before the tournament.

by George Kramer

Pretty cool, eh? 🙂

by Kevin Linehan

Brent is a stud! Good job Robert! That’s exciting to know he was using your stuff.