BIG MONEY at Mead in June...

UPDATED–I’m not an ABA member so I didn’t get the memo yet, but if you haven’t heard, Lucas Oil (of auto and drag boat racing fame) is hooking up with the organization known primarily for team tournaments to offer a showcase, shared weight pro-am at Lake Mead.

Since no one publicly refuted the comments made on, I’ll presume this contest really is offering a top prize of $50,000 cash along with a Ranger/Mercury package, and quite a bit of cash through the top 10 spots and on down to 20th place. Furthermore, this June 25-27 contest will be limited to just 100 boats. [Here’s a breakdown].

What was not stated was the entry fee, but information circulatiing around the docks a month or so ago suggested the pro side would be in the $1200 range, though that is a flat-out guess on my part. For that reason, while I assume Lucas Oil is putting up a chunk of cash for this event, I’m sure the “calculator pros” will chime in and let us know if it’s a good deal or not.

Yet, it sounds like a good idea (actually it sounds like an old idea: Rich Schultz, 1981, a $1000 entry with a hundred angler limit). But different than the series of contests, which eventually became the U. S. Open, in that this ABA/Lucas deal seems to be specifically tailored to the West (although no details have been posted yet, sorry.)

I say that based upon a glance at the national tournament calendars–June is full of FLW and B.A.S.S. events, so it would be unlikely that you see any of the East v. West hype that occurs later in the summer. The Elites are fishing June 21-24 (Mississippi River) and again June 28 to July 1 (mystery lake), while the FLW Tour is on Lake Champlain, June 28-July 1.

You and I can then name the dozen or more westerners who won’t be participating, but maybe that will entice some guys to try out Lake Mead and find out it’s not so scary (read: guys from north of Fresno).

Of course, they’re saying, “It’s filling fast!” And, maybe it is. But dang, I’m still trying to get my new sonar installed for that well-known Open event later in the summer.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t say, I’m intrigued.



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The entry fee’s are listed in the post that you linked to.

The Pro entry George is $1500.00 and the co entry is $500.00. There is a $100.00 Big Fish option that will win a new Ranger Z118 and Mercury 150 Opti package along with daily big fish money also. Having the opportunity for a great supporter of fishing out here like Lucas Oil is a big bonus for the West. And George, per your top 40 list, there are plenty of stars out west to fill the gap. You should fish BTW.

by George Kramer

Now I want to know, after being schooled to never use anything but Optimax or Quicksilver oil in my rig, how does Lucas Oil fit in the equation?

Hey George sounds like it could be a good practice for the Open

by Guy Williams

Looks like fun!