GABE BOLIVAR working his way back...

On the heels of his former FLW running mate, Brent Ehrler’s most recent win, the name Gabe Bolivar (last known address Oceanside) bobbed to the surface. Didn’t I fish with him a year ago at this time at Lake Sutherland and then later in the summer at Diamond Valley? Wasn’t he guiding and working construction enroute to a return to pro fishing?

Thought so. And then–deathly silence–enough that you could have mistaken his absense as one deceased.

But that’s not the case. In fact, a phone call to my office confirmed, Bolivar is still in Oceanside and still anxious to return to bass fishing. On the other hand, he is actually prospering in a new sales career, one lucrative enough that he is confidently plotting his return to the ranks of competitive angling.

I know he is set on fishing the tour, not because he says says so (again), but by how apologetic he was describing his new gig. There in just the second month on the job, he was tops in regional sales. I offered nothing but support; this economy still so tight, having success in business is like a win, not just a make-the-money finish.

Interestingly, he mentioned, “My time selling bass boats at Ranger has helped.” Indeed, the only difference today, his clients in the medical profession are a stronger market. My take: given Gabe’s track record, you give him a good product to sell and he will do just fine.

So how soon might we see him back? “I’m looking forward to the [U.S.] Open, and I may fish some team tournaments,” he responded.

Which makes it all quite clear. Gabe Bolivar is alive and well.



4 Responses to “Just in: Gabe Bolivar is not dead…”

by Guy Williams

He’s too busy watching Supercross like me. Seen Gabe at A1 SX in January and sounds like he’s putting together a plan or two to get back on tour. Good luck Gabe, wishing you nothing but the best bro!!

by George Kramer

Just in: Guy Williams is not dead either. 😉

Guy – Who?

Thanks for the help at Del Mar Gabe. Glad you’re back. Rick