Cody Meyer’s fast track success to tour fishing is well-documented, leading to an expanded business relationship with Jackall Lures. But while he has established himself on the FLW Tour, Meyer has continued to look for ever more opportunities to showcase his talents and market his sponsors.

As he mentioned to me this afternoon, that effort seems to have no boundaries. “Besides the Tour,” he said, “I’ve signed up for the Northern [B.A.S.S.] Opens, though I don’t know if I’ll get in. And this year, I’m going to fish the U.S. Open.”

Though the Lake Mead challenge is rarely attempted by anglers from Upstate, Cody said, “I’ve never fished it before. I’m gonna fish that.”

Other than some climatizing between his Auburn residence and the Nevada desert, he won’t be intimidated by the size or the unfamiliarity with the reservoir. His success nationally is founded upon fishing what’s in front of him, without getting sidetracked on things that don’t matter.

Likewise, he is well-trained in the effective methods on Mead, not the least of which are the use of both wacky jigs and a drop-shot rig. When it comes to the Flick-Shake worm and Jackall tungsten wacky jig, he says, “I really only throw three colors, watermelon candy, green pumpkin candy and green pumpkin in the 5.8 size.” For him, these span the water clarity and light conditions of clear and bright to stained and bright to stained and dark.

Furthermore, he added, “I pretty much go with an eighth-ounce Jackall head or 6- or 8-pound flourocarbon leader. I finsd that works pretty much throughout the country.”

But Meyer also makes use of the Flick-Shake while drop-shotting as well, especially now. “I drop-shot with the same worm on spring cruising fish and bed fish,” he noted. “I use a 12- to 18-inch leader and wacky rig the worm.” Since that distance above the sinker seemed a bit high for spring fishing, I asked him to explain.

“There’s a reason. I pull the line tight to raise it up (Flick-Shake). But then I lower the rod to let the worm drop back down. I shake it in one spot, but work it up and down off the bottom. And when I use a small hook, it falls back down with a certain quiver.”

It’s no wonder, Jackall VP Curt Arakawa was recently quoted as saying, “Cody has brought some unique ideas to us that we feel will continue to increase the Jackall Lures brand awareness with the grass roots anglers.  We couldn’t be more excited at Jackall.”

MEYER'S Jackall wrap headed to U.S. Open...



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Nice to see him coming out for the US Open!

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