TROJAN TIPS now available...

What do I know about bass boat batteries? Probably two things: Plug-in the cable on my onboard charger and I’m good to go. When the motor won’t turn over, it sounds like an electrical problem. Kinda sad, I know.

But I’m thinking, maybe I’m not the only one out there who’s not a deep-cycle pro. And frankly, that’s what Trojan Battery Company, here in Santa Fe Springs, must be thinking too. Otherwise, I don’t believe they’d go to the trouble to create some new video tutorials to makes us all smarter on the subject.

The video series is called “Trojan Tips” and it was “created to provide in-depth information focusing on a variety of battery topics such as deep-cycle battery technologies, maintenance practices, charging procedures and safety when handling batteries.”

What’s more, the first of these monthly releases is available right now (click here)  and go to “Educational videos.” It’s only about 4 minutes long and it doesn’t directly say, “bass boat,” but the information on battery specifics is deep. In the coming months, you will also see videos on such things as “such as selecting the right battery, maintenance techniques and appropriate charging and equalization guidelines.”

Hey, it’s stuff worth knowing.