NEW MARINA moving along at north end...

The panels are in place, the coffer dam has been partially removed, and is that rip rap I see going up around the base of the new parking lot?

The new launch ramp/marina (which includes restrooms, fish and boat cleaning stations) is progressing toward what is hoped to be a June grand opening at Lake Elsinore.

Built with all likely water levels in mind, that barge and crane have been dredging in front of the ramp to make sure the facility will be usable under just about any conditions. Since I just shot the photo, Saturday, you are looking at the most recent stage of the work.

VOLUNTEERS will be planting aquatic vegetation, Saturday...

Also, this Saturday, April 28, I’ll be joining about 200 local volunteers (hoping for a few more) to be planting willows and aquatic vegetation in the wetlands portion of the lake bottom (south end). Specifically, there is a 65-acre pond that has been de-watered and berms built where the new trees and plants will go.

As you can see from the one photo, these berms are roughly 5 feet high and 1000 feet long and we’ll be planting about 800 bulbs, sprouts and 1-gallon trees on each, after which, the area will be inundated.

According to Pat Kilroy, head of the city’s Lake, Parks & Recreation Dept., this will provide a seed area for the future transfer of plants to the main lake.

An unusual project for fishermen, true, but if you would like to help, send me an email or show up sometime after 7 a.m. at the lower parking lot behind the Storm stadium and look for someone in a red vest, to get you signed in. (The city needs a release form from every worker). We hope to be done by noon.

Rumors? What rumors?

Nothing official on this, of course, but if you liked the stocking of 7000 bass here a few weeks ago, what would you say to another 3000 more, near catchables and adult bass before the year is out? My sources say it could happen.

Crazy to think. That could double the bass population! If it happens, all told, we could be looking at 4000 “tournament keepers” by the summer of 2013.