Did you get your Bassmaster Magazine Top 100 U.S. Lakes list today? I got mine, and yes, both the Delta and Clear Lake made the Top 10. But if you slide down the list, as I did, you’ll find some interesting positioning, some almost baffling, as the experts have had their say.

According to the news release, “The list was compiled in a months-long process that included research from state fisheries agencies, nominations from B.A.S.S. Federation Nation tournament organizers and a panel of widely traveled professional anglers, fishing writers and others.”

As one somewhat familiar with certain “Lists” I’m happy to say, I had absolutely nothing to do with this one.

However, as one planning on fishing the U.S. Open this year, I was particularly interested in the relative positioning of certain key waters. For example, in today’s rankings Lake Mead comes in at #38, while local IE favorite Diamond Valley sags to #66. (What have I been telling you about Mead all along?)

Other notables see the Columbia River at #20, Roosevelt Lake #24, Shasta #32 ahead of Havasu #33 and even Lake Mohave made the list at #97–however, no Lake Elsinore. Below are the Top 10 for 2012. You can see the entire standings by clicking here.

Bassmaster Top 100 Lakes (Top 10)

1. Falcon Lake, Texas

2. Lake Okeechobee, Florida

3. Lake Guntersville, Alabama

4. Lake Erie, Michigan/Ohio/New York/Pennsylvania

5. Lake Champlain, New York/Vermont

6. Lake Amistad, Texas

7. Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

8. San Joaquin Delta, California

9. Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

10. Clear Lake, California



8 Responses to “Mead crushes Diamond Valley in Top 100 list”

by Guy Williams

The people who rank things never get it right, isn’t that right GK?! Lol

When Lake Minnetonka trumps the delta and Coeur d’Alene thumps Clear lake it only follows that the Umpqua river is rated 20 spots higher then DVL.
Did you see that Perris produced a 18.9 this week, that’s lbs not 18.9″.

by George Kramer

Kind of a funny list. They sort of tell you these are tournament lakes, but they also headline then as the best bass lakes in the country. And since we’re not living in the 1970’s, Lake Mohave, despite steady improvement, just ain’t one of the 100 best–unless you ride a Jetski. 🙁

Unless you are talking about walleye tournaments for Minnesota lakes, the list is more than baffling. Clarks Hill (Storm Thurmond)S.Carloina/Georgia is a standard Bassmaster tournament lake that was not listed, along with several of the Alabama trail lakes. We are talking heartland bassdom, not left coast lakes that B.A.S.S. avoids. My only guess is they tried to select something from every state and made some poor choices or chamber of commerce influence. Elsinore even has some water in it this year!

I have no clue how they came up with the list but I can tell you, Coeur d’Alene definitely deserves a high spot. It’s been taking 25+ pounds of fish to win (5-fish)there for the last 20 years and I’ve fished events there where I had two sevens and didn’t get big fish. Is it better than Clear Lake? Well, maybe not for fish over 10, but then again the lake doesn’t have Floridas in it.

Maybe they tried to look at lakes with and without Floridas and did the comparison that way? It’s got to be a numbers things with respect to the strain of fish. I mean Erie and Champlain definitely belong there for the number of 6lb smallies caught. Minnetonka? I know they get tank smallies and a lot of 6-7lb LM too.

I have no clue?


Lake Perris is the Clear Lake of SoCal + Vitamin T. Just wait…..

by George Kramer

When do they lower the water again and work on the dam at Perris? The lake has benefitted from a lack of fishing pressure for a couple of years, but the story is incomplete. How might lower water affect the reservoir and how do the stripers fit in at Perris? Any answers beat what we know now…

The criteria sounds good when you’re reading how they said they went about the rating. But the end result looks like they are trying to build some kind of grass roots level angling base – for whatever reason. If I’m not mistaken, (among other lakes) there is a lake from Iowa rated ahead of DVL – seems strange to me – west coast bias aside.