Don’t look at me, I’m asking. Certainly I went ahead and got a custom cover for the red boat, figuring there will be a time and a place, or a time and a trek. But with this odd April rain and who knows what in store for the rest of this year, when do you cover yours for travel?

I recognize, that in some cases, you may keep “her” outside and covered all the time. Back in the late 80’s that’s what I did with my 390–the one we called the “purple boat.” Well before that, I had a new, ’74 Tidecraft in a carport covered only with a parachute at the apartments.

But now, the boat’s in the garage between trips. So now I ask, do you have any suggestions? What’s a good rule of thumb for trip length or weather conditions for covering her up?

I’m looking for advice.


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Boat covers work great when the trailer isn’t moving, otherwise take it off. You need extra cover padding at every point the cover can flap and wear the gelcoat at highway speeds.

I always cover if the roads are wet. Keeps the spume from getting everywhere. Otherwise I leave it off.

Ditto Tom’s input.Wind vibration can wear damage the tarp as well as the boat. I use a silver poly tarp for home storage and the custom tarp as an extra layer of security (out of sight, out of mind temptation)when parked in a public place or camping. Custom tarps are expensive. So if I am subjecting a tarp to long term weather rot, I would rather use the cheaper disposable poly tarp and save the custom tarp for protecting the boat’s contents.

Hey George,
I only used my boat cover in the parking lot of hotels when I was on road trips.

I never cover my boat when on the road. For storage, I use a $100 silver generic boat cover, which works great even in the rain. The custom cover that came with my Champion is packed away in the storage shed. It’s just too heavy for me to keep putting it on, and taking it off.