WATER FLOWING back to wetlands...

For those looking for a follow-up to the wetlands project at the south end of Lake Elsinore, I can tell you, the plants are in–aquatic and semi-aquatic–and the water is already flowing back through the dike.

It turns out, the official count of volunteers was 275, with about 225 of those volunteers involved in pounding dirt and putting a couple thousand 1-gallon willows, cottonwoods and Mexican Rush, as well as other smaller species in the habitat ground (5900 in all).

And I promise you, and especially any political pundits out there, that I/we (LDS volunteers) didn’t plant a single stem on behalf of Mitt Romney!

He doesn’t even fish here.

IT HAPPENED, but not to worry...

Mother Nature causes enough problems locally. We even had a strange shad die-off mid week in the wake of the sudden and violent overnight storm. I’ve been here 30 plus years and never seen the casualties blown to the West. But the city crews dutifully picked them up–for two days–and then went back to the wetlands.

Good news? No one reported seeing a single dead sport fish in the losses. (Thanks to one of my viewers for sending the photo.) There is no cover-up, though in fact, the egrets on the east side of the lake were lined up eating live shad during the same period–and still are.


10 Responses to “Officially 5900 plants sowed, now re-watering”

by Kevin Linehan

That lake has issues unfortunately.

by George Kramer

So do team tournaments, but we don’t let it stop us… 😉

by Kevin Linehan

I agree George. It’s just sad to see………The lake as well as the team tournaments. 😉

by George Kramer

We need a combo next year. A team tournament ON Lake Elsinore…

What does Mitt Romney have to with your lake? I suppose the shad die-off was Bush’s fault. Are you suggesting none of your volunteers were Republicans, Romney supporters, or against the re-election of Barrack Obama? I hate to see partisan national politics invade the discussion of fishing.
Yes I know politics in general can and is impacting the sport (along with everything else we do)but Maybe I missed something but the reference seemed out of left field and out of character.

by George Kramer

If you live in the valley and read the message boards, that point was raised. For me, the wetlands planting was as non-partisan as it gets. Would do it again with anyone who wants to help, Bill.

That makes more sense. As I said partisan politics seemed out of character for you. Either way I’m glad your lake is getting so much attention and care, SoCal needs all the good water it can get!

by Guy Williams

Any word on the floating marsh thing from a few years ago GK? I think it was a research project or something if I remember right.

by George Kramer

Guy, some study continues. Only one island in the middle of the bay; a couple had slid up on the bank, from what I could see this past week.

The floating island idea was a wasteof 25 k. Would do the lake good to pump water up. On the dike from one side and filter down a water fall on the other side helping water movement. And clarity at a minimum. Cost