MURRAY has a new wrap...

John Murray, one of the most successful tourney pros in the West and a 2-time U.S. Open champ, has a new sponsor–Lucas Oil–according to a company press release.

But while the action seems to reflect how serious the lube-maker wants to be in bass fishing, will the deal still be enough to grease the skids so Murray can fish the Lucas Oil Summer Classic?

After all, Murray still fishes the (more…)

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BASS: on camera...

As promised, the stocking of largemouth bass at Lake Elsinore took place Wednesday morning, drawing almost as many photographers as a beauty pageant.

Of course, for local bass fishermen, it was a beautiful sight, although an odd one. A hatchery truck doesn’t usually bring you “green” fish.

The approximately 7000 largemouths made the six-hour trip from Merced and were released (more…)

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YUMPHIBIAN unveiled...

Since the arrival of the Brush Hog (though I won’t argue that Bobby Garland had a creature years earlier) lure companies have tripped all over themselves trying to give us something ever more “appendage rich” than their competitors.

So that was kind of what I was thinking when I got the latest press release from YUM. That is, until I saw the attached photo. Here was a bit different approach than many others. (more…)

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TIMING could be good as new bass arriving at Lake Elsinore could hit the beginning of the shad spawn.

Tomorrow’s plant of largemouth bass into Lake Elsinore suggests the city is taking a longer view of improving the lake. While it would have been possible to put all “catchables” in at one time, ala the hatchery truck at many put-and-take trout lakes, that’s not the plan on the 3400-acre natural lake.

Specifically, the City has announced it “will stock 700 pounds of adults to complement the existing population of catchable largemouth bass. In addition, the City is stocking 1,667 juveniles running 10 to 12 inches in length, as well as 5,000 fingerlings in the 4- to 6-inch size.” (more…)

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