OLD DAM is suspect...

JUST UPDATED: BassFishingArchives.com just sent a couple of Henshaw photos from the old California Lunker Club files.

As much as I might look at my early club fishing on Lake Henshaw as “the old days,” this once prolific reservoir was actually built in the early 1920’s. For decades before I was born or ever heard of a black SuperFloat worm, it had a reputation (heck, I saw some of it) for productivity that probably rivaled the best of the TVA lakes.

While I got a taste of it in the 1970’s and again in the El Nino 1980’s, those days are gone for good. The lake’s huge basin (more…)

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WEEDGUARD makes it different...

Fully expect lure companies to put on some fanfare when introducing new products–especially each summer–as is the industry tradition. But much closer to home, I made a drop-by in Temecula today and saw some stuff that might catch your interest, even without any confetti.

Newest from Phenix/Pro-Line is a line-up of swimbait heads–they call Vengeance Shad Heads–with a fiber weedguard. Ranging from 1/2- to 1 1/2-ounces, they were inspired by saltwater interests.

Yet on more than one occasion, (more…)

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UPDATED, 5-25: We have a winner!

Okay, we were pretty good on the last contest (May 16), falling just short. However, with only one prize to offer and complaints the questions were too hard for people under the age of 40, I am trying again. First one with the most correct answers to the four questions gets the prize. (more…)

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The National Guard spent $20 million dollars on professional bass fishing over the last two years, but it it is quite likely that sponsorship windfall could disappear if a new amendment, just out of committee, ultimately reaches the Congress as part of a greater defense bill. But could there be a replacement waiting in the wings?

According to a story in USA Today, (more…)

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AN OVERVIEW of the DVL lot on Saturday...

The fifth annual Wounded Warriors event, hosted by the Lake Elsinore Bass Club, and staffed by National Bass West, enjoyed a successful day, Saturday at Diamond Valley Lake.

A high percentage of the military contingency were first-time participants, keeping the activities fresh for all. The industry and volunteers showed great respect for the military personnel, providing many awards and drawing prizes and lending a hand wherever needed.

I collected a few photos from the event (more…)

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TAGGED in a photo...

The red boat is seeing blue this week. And my partners are living right. Just got back home from the short haul to Lake Perris  (where I went armed with boat inspection info from guide Pete Marino) only to find yet another lake closed to launching. Yep, they’re blue-stoning the lake this morning!

Oh, they said I could come back this afternoon when they’re finished, but copper sulphate has never been a big stimulant when it comes bass action. At least I kept my composure and went through the process of a boat inspection (more…)

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UPDATED 5-21-12: The responses were close, no doubt. And had there been more than one prize to give away, I would have split the awards. I’ll come up with something else soon, but for now, here are the answers to the May 17 contest:

1. What tool? His anchor (and rope) that he banged on the bottom looking for changes. Had someone responded, Murphy built his own  Heathkit, flasher sonar before he ever bought a production unit, I would have been tempted to give it to you. (more…)

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I guess you can’t complain too much. The lake has the lowest entrance/launch fees around (just 12 bucks), though its about a 50-mile round trip for me–so add another 12 bucks. But when you make the drive and don’t get to fish, that’s a donation I’d rather not make. (more…)

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up this week on a little contest here on KGF–and especially that the prize is kind of special: a one-year membership in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

There will be a 5-part question (more…)

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Two national fixtures, both former U.S. Open champions, are likely to miss the 2012 edition of the long-running event. The reason, Gary Klein and Rick Clunn will each need every possible opportunity to qualify for the 2013 Bassmasters Classic–by points, or by an Elite or Open win.

While the odds are against them, these pros will fish to the bitter end to get there (more…)

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