Just wanted to give everyone a heads up this week on a little contest here on KGF–and especially that the prize is kind of special: a one-year membership in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

There will be a 5-part question that won’t all be a quick search on the Internet, but will come from the realm of [bass] fishing lore with which so many of us are familiar.

Normally such a membership would not be transferrable, however, in this case, if the winner would like to “re-gift” then I will need the ultimate recipient’s name and address which I will pass on to the Hall. (As you can see by reading further, however, you might not want to do that.)

The prize is being provided by the Emmett Brown, the Hall’s Director. A silver membership is for one year and worth about $65 and includes among several things, an annual family pass to the museum and the member’s name permanently added to the Wall of Fame at the museum.

Kinda cool. Stay tuned.