I guess you can’t complain too much. The lake has the lowest entrance/launch fees around (just 12 bucks), though its about a 50-mile round trip for me–so add another 12 bucks. But when you make the drive and don’t get to fish, that’s a donation I’d rather not make.

Sure enough, the one thing they don’t tell you ahead of time at Lake Skinner is when they’re going to shut it down and blue-stone the darn place. And MWD got me this morning.

I was feeling pretty good, got a jump on the day, was down the freeway andย  just making my turn into the park, when I spotted a truck and trailer on the side of the road, pointed the opposite direction. I knew that wasn’t good.

Sure enough, as they usually do twice a year, I learned the barge was out spreading copper-sulphate (blue-stone) to the reservoir, trying to kill the algae in this reed-lined fish bowl. The net result, not only is today’s trip blown up, but by most angler accounts, the fishing will get sideways for the next week or so before the bass settle into their “cleaner environment.”

Of course, sometimes we have to go where and when we can. But at least you know this: on May 15–they blue-stoned Lake Skinner. And the frog bite will have to wait a little.


8 Responses to “Algae ‘kills’ this morning’s outing…”

Haa! They got you too!! Last year after you wrote about the “HOT” frog bite I decided to head up there instead of my usual D.V. Well, about two miles from the lake I see trucks and trailers going the other way! They tell me at the gate the lake is closed because of the weekend Hot Air Ballon Festival!!! So off to Diamond I went. Needless to say it too was red hot fishing. Just not on frogs. Still havent got in on Skinner’s frog bite yet!

by George Kramer

Don’t gloat, Chris. I’ll just go to Perris tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

I learned how to fish @ Skinner. Clear reaper/silver flake splitshot from the shore and a G-shad finish Zara Puppy were all I used!

by Jojo Norwood.

Man that would be a pain. Seems like a state as “high Tech” as CA would have a notice put up “on-line” about mess like that… I did a Google Map of “Skinner Lake”. Y’all in a desert out there. I had no idea. I always thought CA was greener….

by George Kramer

Actually, Jojo, back when I started bass fishing, we HAD a tree here in Southern California. Unfortunately it died… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Is it time for frogs now? I thought that was a summer bite?

by George Kramer

Water is in the 70’s and warming. You just see more mats in the summer, but as long as the fish are shallow, they’ll bite ’em.

by Jojo Norwood.

LOL @ George….they did plant a few around the guard shack at the park entrance. I didn’t mean nothing bad…I was just shocked by the terrain. We have trees all over and then we have Kudzu. That Google Map thing really is neat. It’s very unlikey that I will ever get to the West Coast. Good Luck with your fishing…