UPDATED 5-21-12: The responses were close, no doubt. And had there been more than one prize to give away, I would have split the awards. I’ll come up with something else soon, but for now, here are the answers to the May 17 contest:

1. What tool? His anchor (and rope) that he banged on the bottom looking for changes. Had someone responded, Murphy built his own  Heathkit, flasher sonar before he ever bought a production unit, I would have been tempted to give it to you.

2. Carl Lowrance, father of Darrell Lowrance, had a commercial waterdog farm.

3. Yep. Living or live rubber and Dead-sticking.

4. Asked for sub-group–that would be “Twin Spin.” Group would have been spinner, spinnerbait or blades. The Shannon Twin-spin is a classic, the Sabre, a popular Lake Powell bait in the 1980’s, right?

5. Bob Crupi has the largest California bass, according to the IGFA–but the State of California still recognizes Mike Arujo as the record holder.

Okay. We did a little researching and a little chewing the fat and I’ve come up with the five questions for the latest bass fishing quiz. In the end, I’m going to reward the very best set of answers with a very unique prize, provided by the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, in Hayward, Wisconsin.  (click here, please)

So you know, that prize (valued at $65) is a “Silver” membership in the Hall and consists of:

a. Printed version of quarterly Splash and Record Book
b. Annual family pass to museum
c. Membership patch/subsequent annual rocker
d. Name permanently added to the Wall of Fame in museum
e. Annual Hall calendar

Feel free to chime in your answers, and don’t worry about what you don’t know. These things always stir up some conversation and maybe add a little to our knowledge pool–in case they ever host “Bassmaster Jeopardy.” But no, you don’t have to put your answers here in the form of a question.

Here we go:

1.      What tool did “Lunker Bill” Murphy first utilize for locating deep water structures on the San Diego Lakes?

2.       If you could point to one name that would link live waterdogs and modern sonar, who would it be? (Full name is best answer)

3.       In the bass fishing parlance, what bass fishing terms most directly associate with these: (A) alive and (B) deceased? (Hint–one is a component, the other a technique).

4.       In what lure sub-category would you find both the Sabre and the Shannon?

5.       Who does California recognize as holding the state record for largemouth bass?

Thanks for playing! And, of course, there are no trick questions–just specific ones.


10 Responses to “HOF prize quiz? No winner this time…”

by Dave Schreck

1. String and weight
2. Carl Lowrance
3. Livewell / Dead stick
4. Spinner
5. Michael Arujo

by George Kramer

Is that your final answer? 🙁

1. String and a weight
2. Darrell Lowrance
3. Livewell/Deadstick
4. Twin Spin
5. Bob Crupi

by George Kramer

Final answer? 🙁

by George Kramer

After 24 hours, do we need a hint? Most of the correct answers have been posted. But there seems to be question regarding the word “component.” And did anyone read, “In Pursuit of Giant Bass?” 😉


Come on now dude, it’s lure components. Try “living rubber.”

by Guy Williams

I think GK likes to stump everyone to get giggles. The older fella’s that have answers can’t turn on a computer and the young fella’s don’t know crap. GK, your one funny dude!!!

by George Kramer

You have a point, GW. But among all the responses so far we’re only one correct answer away…

1. Jig N Pig
2. Carl Lowrance
3. Living Rubber/Dead Sticking
4. Twin Spin
5. Bob Crupi