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The red boat is seeing blue this week. And my partners are living right. Just got back home from the short haul to Lake PerrisĀ  (where I went armed with boat inspection info from guide Pete Marino) only to find yet another lake closed to launching. Yep, they’re blue-stoning the lake this morning!

Oh, they said I could come back this afternoon when they’re finished, but copper sulphate has never been a big stimulant when it comes bass action. At least I kept my composure and went through the process of a boat inspection, and got the boat tagged–just to see that I could.

As Pete suggested, it’s pretty straight-forward–they just don’t want to find moisture anywhere under any of your hatches, including life vests, boat fenders, tie-lines or ice-chest. Actually, he hadn’t mentioned the ice-chest, but I took the opportunity to put all my ice and drinks in a separate container in the truck where I would have transferred them to the boat, if I had got the chance.

Oh, and that about my partners? They cancelled both on Tuesday and today and luckily didn’t have to deal with the aggravation. The good news? It will be awhile before they blue-stone again this coming summer.

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2 Responses to “Perris: 2nd stop on the Blue-stone ‘tour’”

by Jojo Norwood.

Bless your Heart….0 for 2. Still can’t believe they {The State} can’t post a schedule to avoid this.

by Guy Williams

GK, you need to go old skool and hit up some golf course and community ponds. Just make sure you wear some running shoe’s! BTW, wearing black and a mask is manditory to be a real ninja!!