AN OVERVIEW of the DVL lot on Saturday...

The fifth annual Wounded Warriors event, hosted by the Lake Elsinore Bass Club, and staffed by National Bass West, enjoyed a successful day, Saturday at Diamond Valley Lake.

A high percentage of the military contingency were first-time participants, keeping the activities fresh for all. The industry and volunteers showed great respect for the military personnel, providing many awards and drawing prizes and lending a hand wherever needed.

I collected a few photos from the event that you can view if you continue on.

BANNER says it all

ALGAE BLOOM greeted anglers

TOP FLIGHT BARBECUE served over 200 guests

WINNERS were Team 29, Ron Janke, Adam Friess and Antony Villa with 17.48 pounds.

PATCH respresenting Freedom Station was given to volunteer boaters, this one to Tammy Morrow.

TEAM VEHICLES were clearly marked and provided special parking on the day.

CAPTURING THE MOMENT, Bill Siemantel took video of the angling vets.