WEEDGUARD makes it different...

Fully expect lure companies to put on some fanfare when introducing new products–especially each summer–as is the industry tradition. But much closer to home, I made a drop-by in Temecula today and saw some stuff that might catch your interest, even without any confetti.

Newest from Phenix/Pro-Line is a line-up of swimbait heads–they call Vengeance Shad Heads–with a fiber weedguard. Ranging from 1/2- to 1 1/2-ounces, they were inspired by saltwater interests.

Yet on more than one occasion, I probably would have thrown my own 5-inch Robo or FishTrap in the “stuff,” if I had a little more protection around the point–and better hooking qualities than a bait with a hook cavity.

Robert Schneider has about a dozen stock colors (many with salty names, but you should only care about the colors) and with his company, custom work is never out of the question.

GOLD ZINC, clear zinc and black options...

Also, and a surprise to me, he has for sale, the blade that was part of the banned “Vibrator Jig” (due to patent litigation by ChatterBait) so you can still make your own lure and have the key component that won so much money on the national scene.

And finally, among those who like the perfect sausage shaped lead in a Carolina or splitshot type sinker (rhymes with Slow Joe?)–and have found these out-of-stock in so many stores–Phenix is now supplying. And what’s different, you will find consistent weight in each sinker–and that weight will be etched right into the lead for easy ID.

No blockbusters, but all good stuff to know. I don’t see the newest items on the website, but you can still call: 951-296-0912.


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by Jojo Norwood.

Weedless swimbait head….good idea. In my “hole” the trees were cut off about 15 ft. below full pool and thousands of acres of trees were left standing. Thanks George

Thanks for stopping by George; it’s always a pleasure. And in keeping with the tradition that Larry and Pat Howard started when they owned the company; Anglers are always welcome to stop by and come in. We are in Temecula now, just a little ways off the I-15 Freeway and the Winchester Road (Hwy 79) exit.
The Weedless Shad Heads are here
The Finesse Weights are here
The Vibrator Blades are here
Now, along with the new stuff you mentioned above; we’ve been doing and continue to do some house cleaning here at the new shop. It’s amazing what you find packed away in a 25+ year old business and as such I’ve started the dollar wall for folks who stop in. Anything on the peg board it is for sale for $1 per package. Remember Bass World West? Well we have some of the old Lure Logic Jigs. If you didn’t know, Phenix Baits made them for Jeff. We’ve got soft plastics like Tube Baits, slither worms and twin tail jig trailers. I’ve found a few boxes of the old style Phenix Flipping and Pitching Jigs; feathered trailers, Phenix Rod and Bait polo shirts, Phenix Rod and Bait hats. I’ve also put the oops on the wall. Jigs that may have been painted wrong or got chipped in the manufacturing process, etc.
Thanks agin for stopping by George. And thanks for the plug!

by Rich Holland

It’s great to see the tradition carried on with both innovation and variety, especially with the unfortunate news of Larry Howard’s passing.
Got this from Sharon Whaley, a friend of Pat Howard:

Pat Howard would like to let all of her friends know the arrangements that have been made for Larry’s burial, for those who are able to attend. It will be a graveside service at Melrose Abbey Memorial Park in Anaheim, at 2:00 pm on Thursday, June 7th. If you have any questions, you can email me at swhaley@cox.net. If you know of any of their friends who might like to attend, please pass this information along.