WILL I be covered?

First off, I’m not selling insurance. However, as my fishing habits are set to change for later this year (U.S. Open in September), I’m suddenly a more interested consumer when it comes to bass boat insurance. And one of the things that I am reminded of is an insurance policy is a product–just like lures, rods and bass boats.

And you know what that means. There are all kinds of product levels, all kinds of features, and likewise, varying prices. Trouble is,  (more…)

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While those who have left their DVL security blankets at home, or used them to wipe down their rigs for entry into Lake Perris, it’s been pretty evident, this has been an exceptional year for big bass. Before the lake record fell last month, there were numerous 12 to 16-pounders taken.

But hanging over everyone’s heads (more…)

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NEWEST Heddon bait...

The taking of the new Lake Perris record largemouth (18 and change) on a Chug Bug, a Storm creation purchased by Normark, is exactly the kind of event that could start a rush to popularity for the bait–or not.

But one thing the monster catch pointed out, a walking bait that also sports a cupped mouth is a real fish-catching design. But wait a minute. Doesn’t that also describe a Gunfish or Vixen/Repo Man or something else?

About five years ago–maybe even longer, (more…)

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