Shipping and displaying fishing tackle products around the world for show have inherent dangers. Prototypes are often on display so the loss or damage in transit to these non-production items are worrisome. But so, too, is theft.

Not just because someone walked away with a Velcro-backed sample pack, (more…)

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The pool of accessible tournament anglers in the West is not what it used to be, so why doesn’t the sport understand, there are not enough players to sustain two showcase events in a single year? Why divide them?

From casually following the Lucas Oil Summer Classic that concludes today on Lake Mead, it looks like they caught ’em pretty good (more…)

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(UPDATED out of respect for the passing of Homer Circle)

Bell bottoms? Heck, paisley, wide lapels, wide ties or wingtips. If you hang around long enough, you’ll find all kinds of stuff comes back into style, sort of like wooden topwaters, hair jigs or, who knows, maybe even pork rind. But there are some places I have no intention of going–even though I’m seeing it  more often out on the water.

Do you see what’s wrong with these photos? (more…)

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GRAND OPENING set for June 30…

All it takes is money and time. And now that the money is spent, it will just take a little more time and Lake Elsinore’s new launch ramp and parking lot on Riverside Drive will open to the public.

Of course, there might be some confusion among fishermen when they hear the new name, so I’m warning you. It’s called La Laguna Resort and Marina, for which there is not enough time to explain why.

However, from a directional and more modern historical standpoint, (more…)

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TAMMY started fast with this nice one in the first 15 minutes…

UPDATED–While the weekend did sport a night tournament at Diamond Valley Lake, the fact is, for people who sleep at night, the fishing is just fine when the sun is shining. Certainly I saw that first hand, Friday, joining Tammy Morrow of Brea and also checking in with Garrett Lorenzen who was on the water the same day.

To be honest though, the sun really didn’t “come out” until mid morning, and the overcast didn’t hurt the topwater action, while making for cool to comfortable fishing for the first part of the day.

But the fact is, you have lots of options. Reviewing the day, (more…)

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After reading Ronell Smith’s guest blog on Wired2Fish, he may have been offering smart advice on tournament sponsorships, but the more critical notion he approached is how competitive bass fishing (and bass fishing marketing) is all about one big guy and a bunch of “extras.” (more…)

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GARRETT with our top fish on Monday...

Wanted to get back to Lake Skinner this week, but in a surprise move, the MWD is blue-stoning the lake tomorrow, June 12. Unlike Lake Perris, where they shut down in the morning but let you on in the afternoon, SOP in Winchester is the lake stays closed all day.

Over at Diamond Valley Lake, where blue-stoning (treating with copper sulphate) is not an option due to its size and depth, the nasty algae bloom of the past month is dying, sinking and breaking up. Fishing with Garrett Lorenzen today, we witnessed the condition first-hand.

While you can still smell the decay and find cuts and banks with a lot of suspended green particles, there is plenty of “open” water on both the north and south sides of the lake. (more…)

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ILLUSION OF MOTION enhanced by color patterns...

I believe in “fudge” colors–those combinations (veins, stripes, heads or tails) of colors in soft plastic. When I’m not sure what elements are the real trigger, or what color the forage or what shows up best in a given water color–that’s when I don’t go all in on any single hue.

As “unscientific” as that may sound, anecdotal is still better than any science practiced where I fish. And while the boys at the Berkley labs tell us what bass can’t see, the fish I catch often argue vehemently. However, I know not all bass vision is color vision, (more…)

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Remember the last time it rained? Not that spritzing we had in May, I mean that trailer-floating, dock-moving, can’t pass a boat inspection kind of rain? It’s been a while and you only have to examine the water levels of non-pipeline lakes to see they don’t look so good. (more…)

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GARRETT with one of our many fish on the day...

When the bite is on, no one is happy when they close the lake–even for an annual shindig like the Balloon and Wine Festival at Lake Skinner. But if there is a silver lining–and there was–resting the lake for three days didn’t hurt the fishing Monday when it reopened.

That sure seemed to be the case for rising star Garrett Lorenzen of San Diego and I as we made a planned trip to the rested reservoir yesterday. And not only were the fish more willing, an unforecasted cloud cover hung over the the water for about and hour, keeping the fish on the outsides of the cover early. (more…)

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