GARRETT with one of our many fish on the day...

When the bite is on, no one is happy when they close the lake–even for an annual shindig like the Balloon and Wine Festival at Lake Skinner. But if there is a silver lining–and there was–resting the lake for three days didn’t hurt the fishing Monday when it reopened.

That sure seemed to be the case for rising star Garrett Lorenzen of San Diego and I as we made a planned trip to the rested reservoir yesterday. And not only were the fish more willing, an unforecasted cloud cover hung over the the water for about and hour, keeping the fish on the outsides of the cover early.

CLOUDS in the morning didn't hurt the bite...

So what worked? Green Senkos, skinny and standard 5-inch, drop-shot worms in green or oxblood, 6-inch Trash Fish (swimbaits), and Spro frogs.

One fish even stole Garrett’s worm, hit again and broke off hook and sinker and while he was re-rigging bit my drop-shot. I know because when I landed the 3 1/2 pounder, I retrieved both his worms, hook and sinker.

NORTH BAY, south side, it didn't seem to matter...

The lake was down another foot from last Thursday (the last day the lake was open for fishing) and it was a full moon, but clearly, less fishing pressure was a boon. However, the hot weather (and clear water) has definitely helped the weed growth. There were more expansive patches close to the surface, especially up the south side of the lake.

The most intriguing bait to me was the swimbait. Fished on a weighted hook, it comes through the grass (at least the edges) pretty easily, and drew a lot of attention all morning long.

All in all, if you don’t mind picking weeds off your hook (or fish off your hook) it’s not a bad choice. Give us some June Gloom cloud cover and the lake could go ballistic.


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by Dave Schreck

That’s it, im going thursday!