GARRETT with our top fish on Monday...

Wanted to get back to Lake Skinner this week, but in a surprise move, the MWD is blue-stoning the lake tomorrow, June 12. Unlike Lake Perris, where they shut down in the morning but let you on in the afternoon, SOP in Winchester is the lake stays closed all day.

Over at Diamond Valley Lake, where blue-stoning (treating with copper sulphate) is not an option due to its size and depth, the nasty algae bloom of the past month is dying, sinking and breaking up. Fishing with Garrett Lorenzen today, we witnessed the condition first-hand.

While you can still smell the decay and find cuts and banks with a lot of suspended green particles, there is plenty of “open” water on both the north and south sides of the lake.

STILL can smell some patches of gunk...

The good news, if you need any, is there are lots of 11 to 14-inch bass hanging all along the first flooded brush line in six to 10 feet of water.

OTHER AREAS look just fine...

If you do nothing but drop-shot a 6-inch plastic worm (green, grape, oxblood or pick ’em) or pitch a 5-inch watermelon Senkos, you can’t help but get bit. I’m pretty sure in a little more than half a day we could have had 60 bass, but spent more time hunting wolfpacks of much larger fish–some appearing to be in the 8- to 10-pound or better class.

While the best one of the day wasn’t bad, it’s hard to deny, the sack could have been something to write home about had the fish been a bit more aggressive. Several types of reaction baits worked in addition to the soft stuff, and a good breeze by 9:30 seemed to help the moving baits.

But the surprise second treatment of Skinner is a disappointment and cuts down on your options. Plan accordingly.



One Response to “Skinner ‘stoned’ again; DVL algae clearing”

the dirtiest water held the most quality fish during my e-fish surveys. One cut produced about 8-10 fish over 6 and about 150 BG huddled in the shallow brush.