(UPDATED out of respect for the passing of Homer Circle)

Bell bottoms? Heck, paisley, wide lapels, wide ties or wingtips. If you hang around long enough, you’ll find all kinds of stuff comes back into style, sort of like wooden topwaters, hair jigs or, who knows, maybe even pork rind. But there are some places I have no intention of going–even though I’m seeing itΒ  more often out on the water.

Do you see what’s wrong with these photos?

The kid had the gall to get the biggest fish on Thursday–and somehow pull those out of his dresser drawer.

STYLIN’ you say…

The other guy (a prominent boat dealer) I thought must be [going for the retro look of some vintage angler]. But nope, they’re a wardrobe staple.

I’m sorry, but in the span of my life, plaid shorts were the domain of the elderly–probably from out of state–and typically worn with leather shoes and dark socks. And yet, those things are back and, apparently, with a vengeance.

A vengeance against my sense of fashion. But sure enough, right there in the Wall Street Journal, I found this from Ray A. Smith, that, “…plaid has become unavoidable.”

So okay. For shirts, fine. For suits, fine.

For shorts? No flipping way.

Homer Circle passed away at the age of 97, this past Friday. Click here.



8 Responses to “Bass fashion? Sorry, I won’t go there…”

Don’t get dressed in the dark for those early morning fishing trips. George might be at the lake!

by Jojo Norwood.

All my shorts are the same size brand and color. Wrangler blue denim….My long sleeve Columbia shirts are the color on sale…LOL I had some “plaid” Sears Tuff-Skin pants in the 70’s and was so glad I finally “out grew” them…as you could not tear them up…Lord knows I tried. I do have a pair of black “dress” shorts I wear w/ a white shirt to weddings and such…LOL

Just at Skinner George. Cause there’s nobody watching.

by George Kramer

You are soooooo right! πŸ™‚

You just miss those old “hip” jumpsuits and trucker hats.

by Kevin Linehan

I’d much rather see Rick in those shorts than a speedo. πŸ˜‰

“Whatever floats your boat” I say. I don’t see anything wrong with the plaid shorts. At least the shirts match the color of the plaid in the shorts. Besides, this is fishing, not a fashion show!

Note to self: Make sure you don’t wear shorts with a print next time you see George. LOL

Don’t men wear plaid pants on the golf course?