EVERY LURE has its quirks and benefits, so you need to ask and research any that are unfamiliar…

If you saw the movie “Money Ball” maybe you remember the scene when after a business meeting with the Cleveland Indians player personnel staff,  Oakland’s General Manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) tracks down his future assistant Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), and asks him “Who are you?”

Surprised, Brand offers the cursory answer with his name and position, much to the aggravation of the Oakland GM  who was looking for more telling information.

Of course he is/was. But the miscommunication between the veteran player procurer and the recent Ivy League grad is mostly Beane’s problem. What he really wanted to know is what and how Brand (a fictitious character) did what he did?

And there’s a lesson in that. (more…)

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Just got a copy of the weekly flyer from NOAA and the news could be good. At least the part about this winter’s El Nino projections for San Diego and Southern California.  The guys who do this for a living have issued their Preliminary Fall and Winter Outlook this past week and here are the highlights: (more…)

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LAST FALL’S trip with Dean Rojas opened my eyes at Mead…

Woke up this morning to the first overcast in nearly a month and I could have hooked up the trailer and headed out. But I didn’t. I rolled out of bed, all right, but instead spent the next few hours with Google Maps and last summer’s photos, trying to visualize the desert.

Yes, I’m done fishing “local” for now. With the U.S. Open coming the second week of September, it was time to think bigger–like long runs, gas fill-ups and all the details of remote living/fishing on the lake.

By mid morning I had made arrangements (more…)

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I’m not a go-overboard kind of guy when it comes to “new.” Maybe I’ve been worried they’d take back the thousands of bass I’ve caught on old stuff and make me start over. On the other hand I try to look for new things that will actually make a difference. (more…)

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Nothing drives the ugly train like professional jealousy and there’s plenty on the Elite Tour, not to mention, right here in our own backyards. But when something like the new Ford (Trucks) commercial hits the airwaves, it points up someone is doing what it takes. (more…)

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THE NEW ME…. More organized.

“Organized” is not my middle name. In fact, a quick look at my desk and it’s evident, the word must be in a foreign language. But that has begun to change. No, I don’t tuck every used worm back in its tray like a sleeping grandchild, but I have revamped virtually everything I carry in the boat–tackle and otherwise.

But it’s not been easy. Having more space on board means I’m able to carry more stuff. And since I no longer have the hawk eyes of decades past, picking things out from among lots of other things has required labeling (and yes, in bigger letters). (more…)

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NEW MARINA has lots of parking…

Hot, hazy with the Forest Service up on the hill checking moisture content, nonetheless, boaters who don’t want to endure a boat inspection are on the water this weekend at Lake Elsinore. And since the La Laguna facility is now open, here are some photos of how it looks from above and at street level.

Having the new facility and the north or deeper end ensures there will an operating ramp, regardless of lake level, which now sits at an elevation of about 1244 feet. The old marina jetty (more…)

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ICAST SHOW set the stage for the new Ever Green business relationship here in the U.S. (file photo)

Sometimes you have to stretch for a scoop (this time all the way to ICAST in Orlando, Fla.) but the latest news, Ever Green International, to date, a hard-to-get product line from Japan, will now be available in the U.S. thanks to a new business arrangement.

Ever Green, the largest manufacturer of premier tackle in Japan, has turned to distributor Al Lawrence of Bait Domain.com so beginning immediately, anglers will be able to purchase a wide selection of Ever Green’s most popular lures.

Products such as the D-Zone Spinnerbait, Wildhunch and Combat Crank Baits; Showerblows and One’s Bug Top Waters and the Royalflash and NoisyDach Big Baits will no longer only be (more…)

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Given most manufacturers would be reluctant to talk much about their sales, it often takes asking fishermen what they find to get a gauge on popular products. That’s exactly what Southwick Associates’ AnglerSurvey.com does throughout the year, usually on a monthly basis. (more…)

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Hey weather fans. After a dry one, many of us are hoping there will be swing in the overall weather patterns, giving us some precipitation here in the desert. Well, for those who study such matters, it looks like there might be a turn in that direction.

According to the latest (more…)

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