THE NEW ME…. More organized.

“Organized” is not my middle name. In fact, a quick look at my desk and it’s evident, the word must be in a foreign language. But that has begun to change. No, I don’t tuck every used worm back in its tray like a sleeping grandchild, but I have revamped virtually everything I carry in the boat–tackle and otherwise.

But it’s not been easy. Having more space on board means I’m able to carry more stuff. And since I no longer have the hawk eyes of decades past, picking things out from among lots of other things has required labeling (and yes, in bigger letters).

To that point, and also vision-related, I have discovered the wisdom of having different lenses for sunglasses. As a backseater, one pair on a tether was plenty. But, as the pros have been saying for years, varying water clarity and tints can be viewed better (or worse) depending on the lenses.

Ever since Ono’s came out with reader style glasses, I’ve embraced them. Tying knots is just easier when you can see what you’re doing. But the difference in light filtration with different color lenses (and getting the magnifiers as well) means when the water clarity or light penetration changes, I can change right along with them.

But there is more. I’ve tried different lens colors and finishes and what works for me is not always what works for my fishing partner. Our eyes are just different and perceiving color or contrast is not the same for everybody. In fact, it can make the difference between my seeing fish more clearly or just listening to my partner say, “There’s another one,” all day long.

For now, I have three Ono’s lens options and it’s really helped my fishing (if anything can). And from an organizational standpoint, labeling the cases has also been a big help. It’s a revelation.


5 Responses to “Trying something different: organization”

by Stan Crippen

George, Truer words were never spoken. I am a 3 for $10 glasses guy. While fishing, my partner said, “There’s one…and another” and I saw nothing. I tried his Ono’s and a whole new world opened up. I didn’t catch any, but at least I got to see them!

Nice Hat

All my tackle is organized in either Plano boxes or worm wallets, and everything is labeled using a label maker….and yes, the letters are as big as the space will allow. 🙂 Did you use a label maker for your labels, George or are those computer generated labels?

I am currently thinking about removing the rear gas tank in my boat for extra storage space. I can use the aux tank for gas, which will hold plenty of gas for the lakes I fish (Piru, Castaic, Pyramid, Cachuma). But the more storage space I have, the more stuff I tend to pack into every nook and cranny I can find. I’m a “Tackle Addict”. I need an intervention from TAA. I ALMOST made it to one month without buying any tackle, but I went off the wagon today at Tackle Warehouse. 🙁

by George Kramer

I’m thinking maybe you need to remove the main gas tank as well and the starter battery as well for extra space, Darlene. 🙂

🙂 The rear gas tank IS my main tank. The tank holds 48 gallons. I could fill it up and use the same tank of gas all year, which is why I’m thinking about extra storage space.
Maybe I need a bigger boat?