Nothing drives the ugly train like professional jealousy and there’s plenty on the Elite Tour, not to mention, right here in our own backyards. But when something like the new Ford (Trucks) commercial hits the airwaves, it points up someone is doing what it takes.

Of course, I heard about this coming awhile back, but you have to recognize that the powers that be see benefit in an “Everyman” kind of guy (who just happens to fish for too) telling an Everyman kind of story. We know who he is and we recognize the lake in the background and we see he’s towing a wrapped boat.

OKAY, I already had one…

But the audience doesn’t need to know Bill Siemantel or the BBZ right now, but they see a situation that means something to them. From a marketing perspective, they’ll find out more, if they’re interested: who he is and what he fishes.

But before that, they know he’s a guy who’s happy he’s got a Ford and if that resonates well with buyers in the territory, you better believe you’ll see more of him on TV–like Flo from Progressive Insurance or dare I say it, the Geico Gecko.

Sure, I’ve heard some grousing that the BBZ guy is on the air, but that’s the difference between your GoPro and the Ford Dealers of Southern California. But when I watch the clip, I hear a guy who actually sounds pretty sincere, doesn’t stutter, who fishes for bass like me, and who’s promoting something I maybe should get to pull my own rig.

That, by definition, is what professional, promotional fishing is all about. And it would really work on me. Except I’ve already got a Ford F-150.




6 Responses to “Don’t get mad; get better at promotions”

by Michael Jones

Yeah, that sound you hear is the chirping of crickets because the usual suspects who do the on-line bashing can’t say anything. Bill continues to do those things necessary to promote his own career and, in the process, promote the sport. He just doesn’t go away, which can’t be said of his more vocal rivals. Many of them have already faded into their own green vat of envy-fueled bile. There’s a reason Siemantel wins tournaments, catches big fish and brings home huge commercial opportunities – he works harder than the rest of you. Like Kramer, however, Bill is 0-for-2 in having his new commercial influence me … I too already own an F-150 EcoBoost.

by Michael Jones

P.S. I think Kramer should issue a Top 40 list of the fishing industry people in this state who will benefit from the Ford exposure but who will never, ever give Bill an “attaboy”.

I saw that commercial this morning. Great job by Bill. I would have had him pull into the Fire station and gone for the “Firefighters buy Fords” sales pitch over the bassboaters though. We know they all make money. Always cool for a Jones rant btw.

by Guy Williams

Cool deal for Bill, congratulations! Any exposure for our sport is a good thing. Maybe a Lucas Oil commercial is next for a bass fisherman.

by George Kramer

Guy, that’s the way I see it too. Instead of ostracizing the bass fishing community, how about recognizing it for its commercial value as well as its place among all recreational enthusiasts? This is a step in that direction.

by Michael Jones

Rick has a great idea … let’s not promote the sport of bass fishing so everyone benefits. Let’s wait until Bill runs a Champion or a Ranger.