I’m not a go-overboard kind of guy when it comes to “new.” Maybe I’ve been worried they’d take back the thousands of bass I’ve caught on old stuff and make me start over. On the other hand I try to look for new things that will actually make a difference.

So sometimes, that means old thinking needs to be updated. Just last week, a fishing partner called me out on the fact I’ve been one to say that side scan is not a necessity–and now I’ve got the Gen 2 Structure Scan on my console.

While I won’t go so far as to say it’s absolutely necessary, the fact is, there are applications for many of the cool new things we use, and if the situation warrants, these updates and upgrades such as braid or tungsten or modern mapping may fit your fishing perfectly.

As for mapping, Navionics, the people who make advanced map “chips” for most brands of sonar, have begun updating data they already have incorporated in earlier chips through their “Freshest Data” updates either for a fee, or free for a year with purchase of the latest chart cards.

As the company has announced, “The updates include 500 new HD lakes not previously available from Navionics, significant improvements for 1,000 of the most popular HD lakes with one-foot contour detail, and over 100 new standard definition lakes. Navionics new and updated standard and high-definition coverage adds to its already unprecedented content consisting of over 17,000 lakes in North America and over 400,000 total bodies of water.”

Anyway you cut it, that’s a big number–and important to me because I want freshwater, not saltwater info. Some of those updates include “…updated contouring, adjusted coastlines to full pool, and added boat ramps, hot spots, road beds, foundation, creek beds, brush piles, artificial reefs, and docks within its charting database.”

For those more tech savvy and I am, once you have the card¬† updated data is available through apps or other means of uploading. Greek to me, but I’m sure my kids will help me out with that.