LAST FALL’S trip with Dean Rojas opened my eyes at Mead…

Woke up this morning to the first overcast in nearly a month and I could have hooked up the trailer and headed out. But I didn’t. I rolled out of bed, all right, but instead spent the next few hours with Google Maps and last summer’s photos, trying to visualize the desert.

Yes, I’m done fishing “local” for now. With the U.S. Open coming the second week of September, it was time to think bigger–like long runs, gas fill-ups and all the details of remote living/fishing on the lake.

By mid morning I had made arrangements for staying at the resort and will be out the I-15 next Wednesday, trying to play catch up with the dropping water level.

By noon I had already stopped off at Phenix Tackle in Temecula and then at my friend Jim Emmett’s in Canyon Lake for some lure assembly. Obviously, when I got in my garage, the clouds were long gone–just like they’ll be at Lake Mead in the coming weeks.

LOTS OF BAIT options to test next week…

Up to now I’ve been hiking and jogging in the 90- to near 100-degree weather around here for months. I’m hoping that effort will pay off when I get to the 110’s and 115’s. No, I won’t be able to throw a Spook all day like Aaron Martens or one of those cash daddy pros. But as a track team member told me way back in college: “When you train, you still get tired. But you recover faster.” I’m hoping that’s the case for me.

I just know my mind’s in a different place right now. I’ve spent weeks fishing the local clear water lakes and I’ve internalized about all I can there with the shadows and sparse cover.

Now, I’m going to places where I really don’t know what’s around the next corner. (But as Gary Klein has said, “That’s what practice is for.”) I’m glad I’ve given myself some time to look.

But more than that, I’m excited. And at my age, that’s a good thing.





16 Responses to “Getting the itch: Mead practice next week”

George, you are one of my picks for a win this year! You are a really good angler and I would like to see it pay off for you at this year’s US Open!

Nice seeing you at the shop today George. Let us know if there is anything else you need.

by George Kramer

My own Mother doesn’t have that much faith in me… 🙂

those fish won’t know what hit them when George throws his patented K-Rig adorned Road Runners. Best of luck to you George.

by Pete Gardner

Good luck George, I can’t even train in 90 degrees.


I envy you and what you’re about to partake in. I really hope you go out there and show the young guns that you have what it takes. Wish I could be there to interview you as you kick everyone’s proverbial back ends.


by Rich Lingor

Sounds like a good time.

You’re going to do great, George!

Just make sure you hydrate the entire day before you begin fishing, and you drink a lot of sports drinks. Water alone won’t do anything to help with dehydration.

by George Kramer

It’s a little early for predictin’, y’all. I’ve covered these events for a long time and there are way too many variables. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t really appreciate the support. Thanks very much! 🙂

by Dave Schreck

If you need worms from me just call! Dont leave the box I gave you home. Ive got a few guys catching nice fish on those at mead and Mohave!

by George Kramer

They are right on top, Dave. I have held back using them up until I see what’s working for me out in the desert. You’ll get a call… 😉

Might see you out there this weekend George. Leaving the cool overcast area of the OC and getting my Mead on. 🙂 BTW, still need that Navionics chip?

Remember the #1 Mead rule George, Practice everything then when the derby starts go somewhere else.

by George Kramer

Hello, Vegas Wash. Can’t hide in a red boat and an orange jersey.

by George Kramer

Brian, still waffling over which chip to buy…

George, you know people- who know people. I’ll let you “borrow” the chip to see how you like it. Its the platinum plus version which is best option for the HDS units. Let me know where to look for da red bote of Friday afternoon.