GUY WILLIAMS with part of a good day’s catch…

The need for weedless lures continues to expand at Lake Skinner as all manner of grass and moss are making it almost impossible to fish otherwise. Certainly, that was the case Tuesday when former California Top 40 angler Guy Williams and I tested the pond.

With the lake level one to two feet lower than most prefer, the only surprise was how much more expansive is the surface “cheese” in all the pockets–even more than seven days ago. Oh, and one other thing. The new boat launch fees went into effect on July 1, now $5, up from $2. What that means is, one guy with his boat now costs $15.

Not sure the full moon had a big effect on the day, only that the fish that came through the slop were a little more aggressive early (more…)

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Okay, it’s a slow news day and I’ve got to get my stuff ready. A former Top 40 lister and I are hitting Lake Skinner tomorrow and I don’t need the hassle of making up a story that Skeet Reese will be challenging KVD at the U.S. Open. Instead, I’m here to inform you of a corporate merger between (more…)

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