TAMMY and John Morrow…

We don’t see them together quite as much anymore, but there’s a reason. John and Tammy Morrow both call Brea home, but as for their home waters, that’s another matter. Tammy is much more likely to be found on nearby Diamond Valley, while John (from their second home in Kingman, Ariz.) is a fixture on Lake Mead and all the Colorado River.

And they’re serious about their choices.

“I’ve done the local lakes for years,” said John from the Kingman abode, “but when I started fishing the River lakes, I just liked them. My boat is up here and I work on the river.”

Size (in a lake) matters, of course. (more…)

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HAD TO GET a spare to be safe…

We’ve all read the story “Bass on a Budget” or “Tournaments on a Shoestring” but the fact is you can only cut so far and then you compromise. Whether its the rig, the aftermarket gizmos or the travel and practice time, there are some things you have to do to compete well.

One thing I’ve have seen as I count down to fishing the 30th U.S. Open (which I guess you can still enter) is I’m glad I committed early in the year and have followed my plan.

I decided in January that if I was going to fish, (more…)

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TONY LAIN still had a signal on the ramp in 2011.

UPDATED WITH CORRECTIONS–3 p.m.–One thing you can say about Lake Mead on the Arizona/Nevada border. As “stadiums” go it’s one large, level playing field set in a beautiful, but sometimes harsh setting. It is also one of those places on the planet where the reliability of wireless communication matches the blowing desert sands. It goes somewhere, but who knows where?

For that reason, it has been a revelation to me–an old print media guy–to see technology finding its way to this unique, tournament venue.

It appeared first in June (more…)

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ENTER the Repel/Gary Klein Sweeps on Facebook…

Everyone likes easy and that’s what you’ll find with the 2012 edition of the Repel Sweepstakes featuring our former “favorite son,” Gary Klein. Yep, you can win one of half a dozen hefty lure packs, possibly a jersey and autographed pictures, and best of all, half a day on the water with Gary.

All you need to do is send in some photos of your summer’s outdoor activities after going to the web and “liking” the Repel Sweepstakes on Facebook. This will lead you to the rules and more details about the prizes, cutoff dates and other particulars. (more…)

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ROOM AT THE RITZ was perfect…

As much as my better nature would typically use this space to spill my innermost thoughts on what Lake Mead had to offer on my past week of U.S. Open practice, I think I will just share some photos that I took.

I can say there was a mixed bag of weather–some 105-degree nights as late as 8:30, but also muggy high 90’s during the day with winds from the south and east, red flag afternoons and some bright, clear moments as well. I did not drink (more…)

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We all know the most exciting word in fishing tackle is “new.” You may actually own an entire warehouse where you store the baits you have purchased and accumulated over the last 10 years, and yet, when you even hear the word new in front of color, size, or its equivalent of just available in this country, you forget about everything in your inventory and try to get the latest and greatest. (more…)

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FROM A DISTANCE they just looked like buds…

UPDATED, Aug. 6--Remember that line from the ’60’s hit, “Do You Love Me?: “…now I’m back, to let you know, I can really shake ’em down.”

Funny, but that’s how I feel after last week’s first prefish encounter with Lake Mead. And though you have to go back to 1962 for that particular Berry Gordy lyric, isn’t it ironic? The name of the group was The Contours. (more…)

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