FROM A DISTANCE they just looked like buds…

UPDATED, Aug. 6--Remember that line from the ’60’s hit, “Do You Love Me?: “…now I’m back, to let you know, I can really shake ’em down.”

Funny, but that’s how I feel after last week’s first prefish encounter with Lake Mead. And though you have to go back to 1962 for that particular Berry Gordy lyric, isn’t it ironic? The name of the group was The Contours.

NOPE. Those are quagga mussels.

Sure enough, my trip was a vigorous exercise in worm-shaking. On my first day on the water I used up almost every red or plum colored Saturn worm (Phenix ringer) I’d brought with me–all before noon!

GOT MOONED in the campground.

Apparently the fish didn’t get the memo that there was a full moon. While the big spotlight in the sky made it hard to sleep in the truck, it sure didn’t slow the contour bite.

It is true, the lake level is falling, though it appeared to be somewhat stable while I was there. Some grass beds are left high and dry, but I also found some pockets of floating “cheese” (just like Lake Skinner) and even got one fish to blow up on the frog and another on a black Hula Popper.

LOT OF THESE guys snapping all day.

Also got a new visual perspective on the best known “invasive species.” Interestingly, from a distance they looked like “buds” on the flooded brush, but closer inspection showed they were clusters of dead quagga mussels. Yes, they could scratch your line, but live mussels are more likely to cut your line.

ALWAYS MAJESTIC bighorn sheep shared the same cove with those “other guys.”

Another discovery. Just this year, Nevada is offering what they call the “Nevada Interstate Boundary Waters License” that allows you to fish soley in the reciprocal waters of the Colorado River–in this case, lakes Mead and Mohave, but not any other lakes or ponds. Make sure you ask for it.

WILD BURROS lounging…

Furthermore (and this never happens in government), the cost has been reduced to half of that it’s been, just $29–plus the $3 Nevada Special Use stamp which is reciprocated in Arizona for the year. It looks to specially target tournament fishermen (U.S. Open coming next month) on the big lakes.

Here’s one other note on that event. [UPDATED, the following has been withdrawn. There is no longer a petition in play.] There is a movement underway, according to John O’Brien of Las Vegas, to petition to have the U.S. Open trophy named for the late Nevada pro and former U.S. Open champ, Pat Donoho.

I view[ed] this with some reservations, since I’m not a big petitioner guy. Also, knowing Pat’s reserved nature, it’s just not something he would be promoting. However, since it is a legitimate request… [Sample removed.] Me, I’d probably just call or email Bob Twilegar at Western Outdoors and ask him, “What do you think?”

POST SCRIPT:  How could I forget Las Vegas angler Dan Bartlett giving me a hand at the launch ramp on Saturday? Thanks a ton!



13 Responses to “Lake Mead: First encounter complete”

by Guy Williams

So what’s the projected winning weight after your prefish?

by George Kramer

Since there are guys a lot better than me, I’m saying 33 to 34 pounds would make you proud.

What was the air temperature out on the lake?

by George Kramer

With the monsoons, not so hot–111-112.

Ouch! That’s hot, George! I’m glad they moved the tournament to September. I was there in 2010 and a lot of the fishermen got sick from the heat, including myself.

by Kevin Linehan

George, leave the Jitterbug at home. 😉

by George Kramer

It’s a little ‘slow’ for the clear water–or I would have given the Bug a look, Kevin. I would. 🙂

Too bad we didnt hook up George. I was looking for the Red Bote. Was there from Thursday to Sunday. Fishing was decent as limits were fairly easy to get, but I had to go thru 20, 10-in. fish to get those keepers. Each day varied with weight and time of getting the 5th keeper fish, but the bite was fairly steady all day. Average weight was about 10 lbs.

by George Kramer

No boats where I was, Brian. We’ll see how it shapes up next week when I go back.

I love that “Got Mooned” photograph. The colors are really nice. I like the way that green light complements the brightness of the moon.

Great report George and thanks for the Saturn Worm Plug; and if anyone is looking for those Saturn Worms and you can’t find them at your local tackle store; we have opened an Online Store.

I might have to try out some of those Saturn Worms, thanks for the link Robert. And great post as usual Kramer.

Did you say that Nevada REDUCED the cost of a fishing license? Maybe California can get a hand from the Nevada Dept of Wildlife in managing this state.