ROOM AT THE RITZ was perfect…

As much as my better nature would typically use this space to spill my innermost thoughts on what Lake Mead had to offer on my past week of U.S. Open practice, I think I will just share some photos that I took.

I can say there was a mixed bag of weather–some 105-degree nights as late as 8:30, but also muggy high 90’s during the day with winds from the south and east, red flag afternoons and some bright, clear moments as well. I did not drink an entire case of Gatorade this trip. Maybe I’m getting acclimated.

DELMAR BUTTE always looks handmade to me…

I did spend quite a bit of time up toward Sandy Point on the flats and found the grass beds are continuing to die as the water level drops. From a distance the sticks look like heavier wood–until you get in there and see it’s just the dead cheese clinging to the stickups.

CAN’T MISS the Temple…

There was a lot of bait in the back left of Temple Bay toward Delmar Butte, but the stripers own that area. I would have liked to get more hours in the Haystacks and Jawbone, but there’s just not enough time to try all the options.

All the boats I saw were in the regular places: Monkey Cove, Bonelli, Gyp Beds, Burro Bay, Temple Bay and Virgin Canyon–and everyone believes all the other guys must be killing them.

Why do bass fishermen think like that?

NOT A POLITICAL statement…

WHERE’S THE MAID? (She stayed home.)

It seems to be all about timing. When the fish are present, you catch ’em. When you’re early or late, you don’t get a bite. The fact is, the restaurant at Temple Bar closes at 7 p.m. so if you want one of those killer bacon/cheeseburgers, you need to get there on time.

It’s the pattern.

LOOKS LIKE? (A haystack).

BTW, I was asked to remind folks those red 4-inch Saturn Worms are available from the Phenix online store. (There’s my commercial message.)


14 Responses to “Lots of sightseeing on this latest Open prefish”

Where did you stay? Those little rooms look cozy.

Looks like temple bar hotel

by George Kramer

Temple Bar fisherman’s cabin is the correct response…

I didn’t even know there was a place with small cabins/ shacks.
How much?

There use to be similar style cabins near the Vegas Marina area – a little past the turn off to the ramp.

by George Kramer

Robert, someone said those cabins were vintage 1930’s, though I don’t know that. Bed and rollaway, 60 bucks a night.

Don’t forget the most important part George – AC!

by George Kramer

Ya know, Tom, I set it at 86 and it was still too darn cold in there. I must be desert-ready.

ahh TBM is my favorite place…and Leedom’s right, again.

by George Kramer

A day without heatstroke is a day without sunshine…

Bass fever, it’ll get you.

by George Kramer

That is the truth, Mark!

Looking forward to the experience! Cannot wait, down to days now….;)

by George Kramer

I’m with you, Scott. Would help if just a handful of AAA’s who know their stuff would convert over to pro side for the week. Still, the challenge won’t change.