ENTER the Repel/Gary Klein Sweeps on Facebook…

Everyone likes easy and that’s what you’ll find with the 2012 edition of the Repel Sweepstakes featuring our former “favorite son,” Gary Klein. Yep, you can win one of half a dozen hefty lure packs, possibly a jersey and autographed pictures, and best of all, half a day on the water with Gary.

All you need to do is send in some photos of your summer’s outdoor activities after going to the web and “liking” the Repel Sweepstakes on Facebook. This will lead you to the rules and more details about the prizes, cutoff dates and other particulars.

Having had the multiple pleasure of fishing with Gary on many occasions over the years and as recently as last year’s U.S. Open practice period, and I would have to say, that will be one amazing trip no matter what pond the sponsor decides on.

But what a sweetener when they toss in $5000 in cash, hotel, airfare, meals and ground transportation! Even if you’ve not got any tournament plans (and we’re still hoping Gary wins this week at Oneida, New York so he can get his Classic bid and join us for the U.S. Open) over the last few months, you must have some pix in the camera or your iPhone.

Read the rules. Send the pix. Any of the prizes would make your day.


One Response to “Gary Klein (Repel) Sweepstakes is back”

by Robert Schneider

Hmm Clunn or Klein?