ROJAS says decisions are crucial on the water…

This past week I was looking for a little advice I could pass along about the things that make or break a day on the water, a vacation or a tournament, but from the Elite angler Dean Rojas perspective, the key is always centered on your choices.

While I was hoping for a “short list” of two or three things that might prevent you from having success in a limited number of hours to fish, Dean cut right through it saying, “It all boils down to decision-making.”

As in: “When to stay? When to go? I’m constantly reading the water, always listening, always looking for those things that will translate into the decision. (more…)

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MIKE FOLKESTAD has been inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame for 2013.

Mike Folkestad, the first three-time U.S. Open winner and iconic California bass angler, has been inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame for 2013. The induction ceremony will take place Feb. 24 in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the week of the Bassmasters Classic.

Folkestad, who cut his teeth with the Pisces Bass Club on the San Diego City Lakes and then broadened his scope to include tournament angling all across the country, has set the standard for sonar use and structure fishing success among tournament pros.

The official press release of the BFHOF noted (more…)

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ROD BANDS from Sunline make great drop-shot sinker holders…

A recent delivery of Sunline to the office carried the braid and leader material I was looking for, but in the bottom of the box was something new: Rod Bands. Apparently, in the quest for additional marketing opportunities, Sunline came up with these broad bands that tout the brand name and also note the pound test in use.

Of course, I already knew the product line is one of the best we can fish and certainly, it’s used by some of the best touring anglers. But as soon as I got a peek at these things, I saw instant value (more…)

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Next week should mark the end of the bass boat season for Lake Hodges in north San Diego County.  According to the latest report from the San Diego City Lakes, drawdowns at the popular reservoir will begin Monday, Sept. 17, rendering the ramp un-usable in short order. (more…)

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KRAMER DIED on the first day of the U.S. Open…

At this time, the website administrator feels it necessary to comment on the untimely demise of its host in the U.S. Open just concluded at Lake Mead. The tournament, ultimately won by Sean Stafford, a rare attendee from Northern California, was tightly contested. But the event was not without its victims.

Driving his “little red canoe,” George Kramer, 65, proved that Lake Mead is indeed a “level playing field.” However, that didn’t mean the field is without its hazards, such as a mobile bass population, incredibly talented competitors and unpredictable weather.

The latter kicked up monsoon rains for a Las Vegas record 1.18 inches on Tuesday, where Kramer, after managing his only limit (more…)

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I’M OUT THERE–somewhere…

Would like to leave it to the other media guys out there, but I can’t help myself. A week away from the start of the 30th U.S. Open on Lake Mead and I have to offer up a little pre-tournament prognostication.

The sure-bet for 2012? I’ll say 20 percent of the field will stick fish this week in practice and make 50 percent of the field pay for it.

You think Lake Mead fishes small when the guys get dialed into the key locations? Wait until (more…)

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NOT the competition…

In its own twisted way, bass fishing must be getting closer to “conventional sports.” I know that because just like those, where cliches smother the commentary, we’re now stepping up to the plate, making it one cast at a time and giving 110 percent.

And the worst of the worst in fishing is the awful, tournament platitude, “You’re not fishing against the other anglers, you’re fishing against the fish.”

That is soooo wrong. (more…)

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LOWER OTAY will host SD Top 6…

The long-running San Diego Council of Bass Clubs Top 6 Tournament will feature anglers from each of its 18 member clubs in a challenge for club supremacy in the area, Saturday, Oct. 6.

“Historically, this is the largest bass tournament in held in San Diego County, attended with spectators from all the clubs to support their members,” says Larry Henson, president of the Southland Bass Club.” (more…)

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