I’M OUT THERE–somewhere…

Would like to leave it to the other media guys out there, but I can’t help myself. A week away from the start of the 30th U.S. Open on Lake Mead and I have to offer up a little pre-tournament prognostication.

The sure-bet for 2012? I’ll say 20 percent of the field will stick fish this week in practice and make 50 percent of the field pay for it.

You think Lake Mead fishes small when the guys get dialed into the key locations? Wait until the secondary spots (with those occasional fall-back fish) get spoiled by itchy trigger fingers.

It’s happening as you read this. That’s why Day Three is so tough here–it’s self-inflicted.

As for how the contest will shape up, the stars are lining up for Troy Lindner to roll up with an insanely big bag on Monday–and the top contenders will all be forced out of their element in order to play catch-up. A lot of guys will have to be satisfied fishing for second place.

My third prediction: No one will suffer heatstroke this time around as temperatures will only top out in the 90’s. The San Diego and OC guys will cruise. (So says the National Weather Service.)

As for my site–this is the final entry until I get back on Sept. 13. You should be able to check in with WON Bass and get their live Internet feeds starting Sept. 10. Here, we’ll try and monitor your comments from long distance.

Fade to black…


10 Responses to “U.S. Open predictions…then fade to black”

Good luck George!

Definitely accepting all offers of luck. Thanks! 🙂

Good luck, George! Wack ’em good!

See you out there later in the week.

Well at least I can be a fan this year….LEEDOM and NORLING!

That would be nice to see Tom.

Glad to hear there is a break in the heat, George. It was 117 degrees late afternoon Sunday Sept. 2 in Yuma. Still a far cry from the mid-July temp of 126 at the Callville ramp the Friday practice day in 2010. Better drink a lot of water and keep a bag of Fritos handy anyway.

I was there in 2010, Rich. I got very sick from the heat.

Hey George, at least you beat Clunn. Can’t wait to hear the story. Story lines severely lacking from this Open so far.

I see it now. George’s next article titled
Hall of famer, George Kramer, bests world’s greatest angler, Rick Cunn, and numerous other anglers at WON Bass US Open

This year was a cake walk compared to 2010, as far as heat goes.

At least there wasn’t a story line about cheating like in 2010. Folks hardly remember who won that year; Clifford perch.