KRAMER DIED on the first day of the U.S. Open…

At this time, the website administrator feels it necessary to comment on the untimely demise of its host in the U.S. Open just concluded at Lake Mead. The tournament, ultimately won by Sean Stafford, a rare attendee from Northern California, was tightly contested. But the event was not without its victims.

Driving his “little red canoe,” George Kramer, 65, proved that Lake Mead is indeed a “level playing field.” However, that didn’t mean the field is without its hazards, such as a mobile bass population, incredibly talented competitors and unpredictable weather.

The latter kicked up monsoon rains for a Las Vegas record 1.18 inches on Tuesday, where Kramer, after managing his only limit of the contest, nearly needed to launch his rig at the corner of Charleston and Sahara.

There some 45 auto rescues took place just hours earlier. His final hour on the water he also watched pieces of trolling motor fly over his shoulder as he entered Callville Bay.

ENDURING TO THE END, Kramer shown here on the final day…

After some eight months of preparation, Kramer proved to the world that he was a far better writer than tournament angler. In fact, family members later asked what prompted the aging scribe to go all in the West’s most important bass competition, since he hadn’t fished an Open in 24 years?

Now we’ll never know.

ONLY TIME he was “on top” was at the parking garage…

After the contest, Kramer’s trademark red Z-7 was towed from the parking garage at the Boulder Station Hotel to Anglers Marine for repairs. In addition to the Lake Elsinore resident, two of his tournament bass also succumbed after being hooked near the dam in 50 feet of water.

Kramer is survived by his three AAA partners, Steve Sanford, Ralph Wells and Dave Burns, his wife Diana of 41 years, their 9 children and 14 grandchildren.

R.I.P. (Maybe next year).



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Hey George, atleast you went and fished. As long as you had fun, it’s all worth it. By the way, the casket pic is way too creepy.

Kudos to G.K. for showing up! Sorry to hear of his untimely passing. I was looking forward to reading about his adventures in the desert.

Great story George! Your adventure will make a GOOD chapter in your upcoming Book!Be well, Gene

Hey, you finished higher than 3-Time US Open Champion Rick Clunn! That’s saying a lot!

Did you have fun, George?

I can’t answer that, Darlene, I’m dead. Actually the whole campaign beginning early in the year with “the decision,” gearing up, practicing, and then facing the realities of the actual tournament was a great experience. (The funeral was extra.) 😉

To the ghost of GK, please know that your former mortal self did his best and executed every day. As they say in Vegas, the chips fell where they may.

Was good seeing you out there buddy.

After not fishing for 17 years, in June of 2010 I get the “bug” again. Dragged all my gear out of the storage shed, cleaned everything up, and sent my reels for service. Not having a boat anymore, and not knowing anyone with one, I decide the only way to get back into it again was to sign up for the US Open in July. I began by calling the one person I knew to get the latest technique info. Once I had that info in hand, I bought some new rods, reels, and lures. I had not even wet a line before I fished the Open. So, my campaign was very short, only a month. By October I joined a club, and by November 1st, I traded in my ’07 Chrysler 300 for a used ’06 Yukon, and bought a 1999 18′ 7″ Champion. And now due to health issues, I won’t be able to fish for at least another 3-6 months! So, my point is, winning is good. However having fun and enjoying what you love to do is more important!

It’s not always the finish that makes the journey, sometimes it’s the things between that we all enjoy more. Good try, get back on the horse GK!

Mead over a 3 day span can be like fishing 3 separate locales. It is a true war of attrition and fishing unlike possibly any other fishery.

I would never disagree, Jeff.

There’s always next year – R.I.P.

Yes but you were the only guy that ever finished 111 and got coverage on my radio show!!!!! Probably won’t get you on the top 40 list however!!!!!

Good thing George believes in reincarnation. Maybe he will return as a cross between Dee Thomas, Roland Martin, and Jimmy Houston. Personally I will really miss the Old George.

Hey, I thought it was a nice touch by wife to add the face powder. Save the shot in case you can’t make the real funeral, Kevin L. 😉

Does you wife have access to your credit card for the boat repairs? lol Hang in there bud! Bassfishing is alot like the “Godfather 3” movie. Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.

Check or not George, you gave it a shot! Next year buddy!!

by Robert Schneider

So George,
When do we start getting ready for next years US Open?

I’m thinking a much shorter term of preparation will be needed if I do it again. Maybe just the week before…

George: I told you that Color C-Lector will lie to you (sometimes)…

You might want to give it the “Float Test” before you fish the next Open!