Next week should mark the end of the bass boat season for Lake Hodges in north San Diego County.  According to the latest report from the San Diego City Lakes, drawdowns at the popular reservoir will begin Monday, Sept. 17, rendering the ramp un-usable in short order.

The water authority intends to pull 60 cubic feet per second, which will drop the lake level to 93 feet, or 21 feet below spillway elevation by the end of September. The City estimates the ramp could be out of service as early as Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Like many other Southern California waters, Hodges will have to rely on the latest El Nino forecasts which now call for an El Nino watch. If those conditions build, which are said to begin as early as this month, there is a likelihood of a wetter than average winter.




11 Responses to “Rapid water drop kills Hodges for the year”

Here’s to rain, rain, and more rain!

And there was hope Hodges would flourish in the years to come. Oh well, San V will open soon enough!

Hodges is still flat, still has the better terrain for spawning and with 3 or 4 inches of winter rain will all but fill back up. That’s not the case with some of the other reservoirs. I look at this as a possible boon to next spring and summer action–assuming a “normal” off-season weatherwise.
But, a busy San Vee (sometime in the future) will also take pressure off Diamond Valley, probably helping DVL and Hodges as well.

They just lowered the water at San V, right? They didn’t completely drain it did they? If not, was enough water left to sustain the fish population?

San V has alot of depth and size right now, come the new opener it will be wide open!

They ever going to bring up the water level at Perris?

Jeff: they haven’t begun the “refitting” or other work on the dam, to my knowledge. Once that is completed, it is my understanding they will be able to raise the water level.

Last I heard, Perris is going to be dropped 30 feet in the next year or two and begin the repair and new tower.

Where do you think the water is going ? Golf is the first thing that comes to mind !!!!! They were to fill Hodges up but can’ t get it together! Mussels my Ass!

Don’t really know, JP. Hodges is connected to Olivenhain (which I heard has mussels). Maybe they can’t hold back deliveries any longer. But you know where fishing rates in the pecking order of water use. Low.

Perris can only drop about 5-6 feet more than the 25 foot below full pool maximum water level that must be sustained until the dam is fixed…dropping beyond that, the pump that supplies water to the riparian area in the east end (as required)starts to cavitate.