ROD BANDS from Sunline make great drop-shot sinker holders…

A recent delivery of Sunline to the office carried the braid and leader material I was looking for, but in the bottom of the box was something new: Rod Bands. Apparently, in the quest for additional marketing opportunities, Sunline came up with these broad bands that tout the brand name and also note the pound test in use.

Of course, I already knew the product line is one of the best we can fish and certainly, it’s used by some of the best touring anglers. But as soon as I got a peek at these things, I saw instant value for anyone who drop-shots–particularly those who fish full length cork or Tennessee-style handles.

SIMPLE SOLUTION for holding a sinker, with a line test reminder…

There are a number of gizmos in use for this (and some newer rod styles have their hook keepers behind the reel seat) but for a lot of us, we’re stuck using rubber bands wrapped around the butt end of the handle. That’s where we “hold” the sinker against the rod so there’s better control of the hook/sinker when not using that particular rod.

These Sunline bands do a way better job in that they fit snugly and don’t need multiple wrapping, and they weather much better than standard rubber band material. When you add in the line test reminder, plus the “I use Sunline” promo, I think a price of about 4 bucks for three is a deal.

Pretty handy.


One Response to “Rod bands: More utility than you think”

We have been using SUNLINE Reaction, FC, and FX2 now for the last few years and it rivals Seaguar, the only other line I ever would use, and now the entire staff is using Sunline for most applications. I am using IRODS though for all the rods now from my friend Matt Newman. They are some of the best rods around in my opinion.