In case you haven’t heard, the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame has just announced its 2013 inductees. Going in as “Legendary Angler” is California’s iconic bass fisherman, Mike Folkestad. Earlier in the year, Mike was inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, but this recognition places him among anglers of all species. Only one of two anglers honored for 2013, here’s what the HOF’s bio said in this week’s press release. (more…)

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KEEP IT NICE, avoid the steel.

In an Olympic sense, fencing is a non-lethal version of combative sword fighting. In the bass game, fencing is often a series “lances” aimed at your defenseless gelcoat. It’s no wonder Lake Elsinore visitors would rather catch less than do battle with this real steel.

And hey. I get it. With apologies to Robert Frost, there’s something in a new boat that wants to keep it that way. But whether good fences make for good neighbors (more…)

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Double D joins Lamiglas Pro staff…

At a time when other companies are all shrinking their pro staffs and cutting back retainers, Lamiglas has struck again, picking up 3-time FLW Angler of the Year David Dudley in an exclusive rod use agreement. Dudley, of Lynchberg, Virginia, is not only the biggest gun on the FLW Tour, he is, in fact, ranked #1 on the World Rankings–25 points ahead of that guy with initials for a name.

Earlier in the week, Lamiglas of Woodland, Wash. also added Justin Lucas to its stable of outstanding bass anglers/instructors. Getting these two prominent anglers on board is evidence of the positive energy and forward thinking of the popular rod maker. (more…)

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WE ALL love a deal…

I know. I know. The bass fishing world is driven by keywords “New” and “Hot.” But sometimes, the cool deal doesn’t take off. For any of a number of reasons, the baits just hang on the pegs gathering dust.

In time, the local retailer has to do something drastic–like toss those once-promising items into the bargain bin–with all the other “loser” baits. (more…)

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With the Bass-A-Thon (Nov. 17-18, Anglers Marine, Anaheim) almost here and so many national fishing pros on the guest list, things don’t look pretty for California bass anglers. Normally, this world class bass fishing exhibition is where we roll out the California Top 40 Bass Anglers List–and puff out our chests about Golden State angling prowess.

But it ain’t gonna happen this year. (more…)

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JUSTIN LUCAS signs with Lamiglas.

Having parted ways with graybeards such as Skeet Reese and Gary Dobyns, Lamiglas (in a promotional sense) is getting younger, just signing former NorCal angler Justin Lucas to a sponsorship package. Lucas, just 26, now resides near Guntersville, Ala. but he’s an impact player, having won over $400,000 as an FLW pro.

In today’s press release, Lucas was quoted as saying, “When I started fishing tournaments, in my teenage years, my first sponsor was Lamiglas rods. I loved their rods then and I think they are even better now. I couldn’t be more pleased to be associated with one of the best rod manufacturers in the world….”

In the competitive bass rod market, it’s obvious, (more…)

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NORTH END anglers head out of La Laguna…

Called in the weekly report to Ronnie Kovach’s Radio Outdoor Expeditions this morning (830 AM), but didn’t have long to chat. The boat was already in the driveway,  ready to head for the ramp down the street.

Turns out, there were only three fishing boats on the water, counting partner Gary Bradford (FLW staffer from Canyon Lake) and me.

That made it easy to hit the shallow rocky areas around La Laguna Resort (more…)

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WHY this format? Hey, it’s TV…

Actually, I was there yesterday, fishing solo, and I had to work for a limit, tossing spinnerbaits in the algae bloom. But Tuesday, the activity level was much higher on Southern California’s largest natural lake.

That was a good thing, because Tami Curtis was hoping for some footage for one of her future Fishn4Fun TV shows. And she got it.

I always say, October is a great month for a good shot at the local pond. (more…)

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LOOK LIKE smelt to me…

Hoping to do a little video next week at nearby Lake Skinner, I thought I’d get over there and see the changes since late July when I started concentrating on fishing the Colorado River. Sure enough, after dealing with lower water levels for most of the summer, the lake is quite high.

According to the lake staff, due to the hot summer the last bluestone treatment for algae was a few weeks back in September. That sure seems late in the year to me, (more…)

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It’s been weeks since the U.S. Open and I still find myself buying fast food and lures and junk I don’t really need. You know, it sure wasn’t from my tournament winnings! No, it’s all because of the cash I got as “expense money,” that my daily partners handed me at the end of each day out there at Mead.

What the heck is going on? (more…)

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