LOOK LIKE smelt to me…

Hoping to do a little video next week at nearby Lake Skinner, I thought I’d get over there and see the changes since late July when I started concentrating on fishing the Colorado River. Sure enough, after dealing with lower water levels for most of the summer, the lake is quite high.

According to the lake staff, due to the hot summer the last bluestone treatment for algae was a few weeks back in September. That sure seems late in the year to me, but the net result is clearest water near the dam, dingiest (and warmest–up to almost 75 degrees) at the upper end of both arms. It was 70 at the dam end.

MATCHING these will require some smaller lures…

Most noteworthy, what appear to be smelt of some kind (maybe the DFG will check in and confirm or deny) are thick. I heard “silversides” mentioned but I didn’t put a net under them to get a closer look. Regardless, although the shad are big right now, they’re still relatively scarce. However, this skinny bait is showing in clouds in some of the coves.

NOT ALL the frog fish are good ones…

With more flooded shallow cover than at any other time this year, there are still some frog fish to be caught. But most of the umbrella stuff is now dead reeds or accumulated pond weeds pushed up against the live reeds. But as you can see, there are big blow-ups and there are some not-so-big ones.

I’m thinking I need to add under-spins or Scroungers to the arsenal. I did get a few better fish on small chuggers fished in open water on the flats. It makes sense. Also the shallows are alive with 2 to 3-inch bluegill too, so the big fish will be getting after these bite-size sunfish.

No doubt, there are definitely some seasonal changes starting to take place.


7 Responses to “Back local: October observations at Skinner”

by Guy Williams

Got to love the Fall season! Nothing like trying to fool a fat bass when they got it all on a plate infront of them.

by Dave Schreck

Those sure look like Silversides to me!

by George Kramer

You would think these would be a good supplement to the forage base, not just shallow but deep also. For some reason, I had not seen them before.

Lake San Antonio and Nacimento are full of these Silversides. I made a Worm color that looks just like’em!

by George Kramer

And how can our readers order some of those? 🙂

Davies Custom Baits on Facebook! Web page coming soon!

Menidia beryllina is correct and are everywhere. It looks like sparklers going off when the juice is applied to the water. Dorasoma petenense sampled by e-fish averaged 125-150 mm also.