WHY this format? Hey, it’s TV…

Actually, I was there yesterday, fishing solo, and I had to work for a limit, tossing spinnerbaits in the algae bloom. But Tuesday, the activity level was much higher on Southern California’s largest natural lake.

That was a good thing, because Tami Curtis was hoping for some footage for one of her future Fishn4Fun TV shows. And she got it.

I always say, October is a great month for a good shot at the local pond. When I got a call from William Johnson (William’s Bait & Boat Rentals) confirming, the bait was up and the bass were on the feed.

What he forgot to tell me, I found out later, is he had busted one between seven and eight pounds in the West Marina, but released it before they could get an official weight. Still, it was a great tip and the bite fit Tami’s schedule.

But it’s not just the black bass here. The wipers (hybrid striped bass/white bass) were also out to straighten your hooks–but not every day, I discovered. The still pix Tami took from her video stream give you an idea of the possibilities.

MIX OF SIZES on the largemouth.

Wednesday, it was much more like fishing–a lot of casting–but the most productive areas were the fences on the west shore. (Do watch out for those hidden steel posts in the murky water). Like always, a chartreuse and white spinnerbait is hard to beat for that work.

More importantly (and as soon as I tell you, it will probably change) the hard bottom areas such as packed sand, gravel or rip rap–with or without brush–were the best. That puts parts of the dike, west shore, jetties and marinas into play.

The fish size is a mix. Remember, they put in 5000 or so 6 inchers and almost 2000 of the 10 to 12 inch largemouth in April. Those fish have grown, but you just don’t know if the bite is going to be a “newbie” or one of the heavy adult fish from an earlier DFG transplanting. Think of it as an adventure. (Or wait until Tami’s video airs).

FYI: Launched one day at new La Laguna ramp and the other at West Marina. Frankly, on weekdays, the West Marina was ready for company around 6:15 a.m. On weekends I suspect they’ll all (Seaport Landing, too) be staffed early.





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Nice update. Will the there on Saturday with all the usual baits tied on. Can you say… LV500?.. 🙂