NORTH END anglers head out of La Laguna…

Called in the weekly report to Ronnie Kovach’s Radio Outdoor Expeditions this morning (830 AM), but didn’t have long to chat. The boat was already in the driveway,  ready to head for the ramp down the street.

Turns out, there were only three fishing boats on the water, counting partner Gary Bradford (FLW staffer from Canyon Lake) and me.

That made it easy to hit the shallow rocky areas around La Laguna Resort at the north end and still run to the south end–and they both produced.

It wasn’t epic fishing, but for the few hours we spent it was definitely entertaining.  When Gary’s Rapala crank grabbed a tamarisk branch for a moment, broke free, and then stopped suddenly, I’m not sure what sound he uttered. But the “Itttttttt’s a fish” part I understood, and it alerted me to stop what I was doing.

Initially, I wasn’t sure either, but when I saw a pale shape with a wide mouth break the surface of the murky green, I grabbed the net.

BRADFORD’S 5-pounder was a surprise–a nice surprise.

“It surprised me,” Gary admitted. “I haven’t got a bass here at Elsinore in quite awhile. It’s a nice surprise.”

Later, we weighed a fish from earlier that morning that I hooked on a spinnerbait. That one went right at 3-8 so we knew Gary’s was pretty decent. At  first the scale blinked at 5-7, but settled at 5-2. Still, with another 3-pounder Gary hooked on a Terminator, it was evident there are some better fish to catch.

For the second consecutive trip for me, there were no “wipers” to wreck split rings. However talking with Brian Day of the OC who was out with a couple of partners from Lucky Craft, they caught a number of bass off the west shore fences, and had a couple of break-offs on ripper style bites.

Those, I’m pretty sure, were hybrids.

If it sounds like fun, it was.





9 Responses to “Lake Elsinore: The weekend report”

Nice to see you and Gary out on the lake on Saturday. After dropping off one of the guys who had to go home early, we managed two more fish about 3 lbs. on hard bottom stucture.

by George Kramer

Glad to hear it! 🙂

Where are these Else Bass when I come out to play!!

All the usual places, but bigger ones off the hard bottom areas, rip rap, gravel, channel edges and points, with the west side fences a good second choice. Straight brush patches have not been producing–at least not in the last couple of weeks since the water cooled down. Of course, we’ll have a much better picture of things this weekend as the Elsinore Bass Club is having a tournament here on Saturday, I believe.

Update. That tournament is this Sunday. And city marinas open at sunrise–about 6:30 a.m. but probably closer to 7 a.m.

If only you guys could have fished it in the 70’s, I know George remembers. It was as good as any at one time. Best blade lake ever. 3 to 5 pound footballs, unreal. The good ole days.

Mike Goodwin

What was caught on Sunday?

by George Kramer

Talked to the winner–said he and his partner had three for just under 9 pounds, with a 4 1/2. Rued breaking off a couple he thought would give them at least 15. Some boats got as many as 12 to 15 fish, but there were no limits of keepers. Smaller fish seemed active in the bad weather.

by George Kramer

Here’s the official recap

1st place
Cody Spetz/Chris Darvey 3 fish-8.76
2nd place
Brian Juarez/Chris Latham 4 fish-7.52
3rd place
Mike Nemec/Chet Ayres 3 fish-6.86
4th place
Jonathan Wdowiak/Dwayne Twanley 2 fish-5.78 **BF-4.27**
5th place
Rich Vincent/Christian Skinner 1 fish-2.39