JUSTIN LUCAS signs with Lamiglas.

Having parted ways with graybeards such as Skeet Reese and Gary Dobyns, Lamiglas (in a promotional sense) is getting younger, just signing former NorCal angler Justin Lucas to a sponsorship package. Lucas, just 26, now resides near Guntersville, Ala. but he’s an impact player, having won over $400,000 as an FLW pro.

In today’s press release, Lucas was quoted as saying, “When I started fishing tournaments, in my teenage years, my first sponsor was Lamiglas rods. I loved their rods then and I think they are even better now. I couldn’t be more pleased to be associated with one of the best rod manufacturers in the world….”

In the competitive bass rod market, it’s obvious, Lamiglas was looking for a fresh face in the sport and one with the future in front of him. The combination fits Lamiglas’ plans to hit the market with some fresh, new gear.

As the release noted, “For 2013, Lamiglas launched two new series of rods including the Infinity Bass and XP Bass. Both rod series are designed and manufactured in Woodland, Washington. The XP uses the best materials available to create super light, extremely sensitive and powerful rods with a new age look.

“The Infinity bass line uses the new 3M PowerLux ™ technology, for rods that are lighter, more sensitive and putting the Infinity bass rods in a class with the finest bass rods available anywhere. The Excel series which was introduced in 2009 offers a high quality rod for an affordable price and is excellent for beginners to intermediate level anglers who want a high quality, dependable rod.”

Make no mistake, a guy like Lucas has coast-to-coast appeal, especially as bass fishing tries to escape the shadows of the heroes of the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Like it or not, the college fishing scene is a trend to reckon with in tackle marketing. John Posey, national sales manager for Lamiglas was quoted as saying,  “Just like Justin Lucas is a major part of the future of bass tournament fishing, we believe these rods are the future for bass rods.”

Timing is everything and Posey noted that the Lamiglas XP and Infinity Bass rods began shipping yesterday.

“We believe these rods are going to reintroduce Lamiglas to the bass industry. We are proud to say that not only are we bringing a rod that is equivalent or better than any bass rod in that price range, but we are doing it 100% right here in Woodland, Washington USA,”  he concluded.


2 Responses to “Lamiglas goes younger, signs Justin Lucas”

Even though I’m a “graybeard”, Lamiglas and John Posey got it right by hiring Justin! With a couple close finishes this year on tour, Justin is primed for a big year this year. Congrats

Yeah, Justin is the man, on and off the water. It’s a great sign for Lamiglas.