With the Bass-A-Thon (Nov. 17-18, Anglers Marine, Anaheim) almost here and so many national fishing pros on the guest list, things don’t look pretty for California bass anglers. Normally, this world class bass fishing exhibition is where we roll out the California Top 40 Bass Anglers List–and puff out our chests about Golden State angling prowess.

But it ain’t gonna happen this year.

Never before in all the years I’ve put out the Big List has their been a sadder collection of resumes among California bass casters. Not one fisherman that I can find has sustained any level of quality finishes in the last 12 month. Likewise the catches among assorted guides and big fish specialists, have been rarely punctuated with exceptional fish.

This leaves me with puzzling collection of old regulars, maybe’s, what’s-his-name’s and unproven talent. Needless to say, the next few weeks will be a grind of chasing circuit printouts, hunting down Internet touts and following up on reader tips.

Maybe you’ll have some for me. But don’t  just tell me who–let me know why should I give them a look.



5 Responses to “Worst year for California bass anglers”

Thats why you make the big money George!

Bobby Sandberg, Joe Seale, Fred Borders, Larry Hopper,and Byron Frankenberger, lol, all these guys still better than the rookies of today. Open tournaments will never be the same again till co angler is dumped and boat sponsor gives away a boat for first prize. 40 boat open tourneys and 20 boat team tourneys are sad to see. May as well just go fun fish.

Turn the page.

Thanks for putting me on last years list I know you caught a little crap but I just won the classic for WON at clear lake 63.35 for two days this is the year end fish off for the pro Ams . Thanks again
Ps the open is next on my list

by George Kramer

Thanks for making me look smart, Mike. As for Clear Lake, actually, I heard the sound of doors being blown off and hitting the parking lot way down here. 😉