WE ALL love a deal…

I know. I know. The bass fishing world is driven by keywords “New” and “Hot.” But sometimes, the cool deal doesn’t take off. For any of a number of reasons, the baits just hang on the pegs gathering dust.

In time, the local retailer has to do something drastic–like toss those once-promising items into the bargain bin–with all the other “loser” baits.

But eventually, the bored or disinterested show up. They root around the bin (heck, we all do it), checking price tags and chuckling to ourselves. But then, one day, the number on the tag gets small enough that the baits suddenly look cool, or maybe, some new fishing situation cries out for just that lure in the faded package.

I found a goldmine recently at Anglers Marine and got some great deals on Sisson balsa cranks–true-running, nice finishes, good hardware–for 4 bucks a pop. They had been pegged at $7.99 when new.

But that’s not the first time. One Bass-A-Thon some years back, I found regular and suspending DD-22’s for $1.99 each. Heck, I bought 32 of them as I recall–and still have a few left. Were they cool colors, or with the upgraded hardware? Not all. But for two bucks apiece, the ugly ones got new hardware (or will) and I’ve had half a dozen of them custom-painted.

And it can happen anywhere from Wal-mart to your local pro shop. Never miss a chance to peek in the bargain bin.


3 Responses to “Bargain bin bassin’”

I’ve always got my eyes open for a good deal. I buy older model lures in a lot for very little money, even if some of the lures in lot I will never use, it’s still worth it, price-wise if there are several lures in the lot I will use. Never pass up a good deal.

Best deal I ever got was…20 Made in California Poes Plugs 300 & 400 size for $1 each. This was back in the 80’s…..I allways dig in bargin bins.

I dig in bargain bins too. I usually don’t find anything I can use though, but I still dig! It’s fun!