RUSTY’S BFJ at work…

Sometimes there is a cluster of activity in a local area and that could be said of the Temecula to Lake Elsinore region this week. On the tackle side (jigs), of course, it’s not quite bound to one location, but because of what they call “Cyber Monday” it’s the most time sensitive. On the other hand, the digging will go on for a couple weeks on the centermost part of the southern border of Lake Elsinore.

As you can see from the lead photo, guide Rusty Brown was at it again at Lake Isabella, catching that 8-pounder yesterday off Rocky Point. Sure enough, that made for a nice lead-in to Phenix Tackle’s 20 percent off, online sale today. (more…)

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SURPRISED ME yesterday in the brush…

Trying to cram as much fishing into the last week or so around Bass-A-Thon and before Thanksgiving and found there were some fish biting. But only a portion of them have been green it seems as the ones with the lines down their sides have been stepping it up.

Just yesterday at Lake Elsinore I was rooting through the brush lines in front of the dike at the south end when I got clobbered on one of those Klinger [ProLine] model spinnerbaits left over from the U.S. Open.

I pulled back on 20-pound mono (more…)

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You’ll never look at your favorite hip-hop star the same after seeing that image of Larry Dahlberg on the flyer for the 2012 Bass-A-Thon. For those who expect (and don’t we all) our bass fishing heroes to come in 30-something packages wearing perma print jerseys, this guy can change your world.

By all means, get to Anaheim to hear the star-studded line-up (more…)

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CODY MEYER ranked #1.

It’s been brewing for some time, but the steadily-rising career of Auburn’s Cody Meyer has culminated in his being named the Number One angler on the 2012 California ‘Top 40’ Bass Anglers List.

Although recognized as a talent since he broke in a few seasons back, his fifth place standing in the FLW Tour Majors points was the highest ranking of any angler from the Golden State, and enough to outdistance the 40-odd year old Skeet Reese, who returned to the list after blanking in 2011.

Still it’s safe to say, the last 11 months of bass fishing (especially on the competitive side) have been “crazy,” (more…)

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You can kiss off dreams of an elongated, wet winter in 2013. The National Weather Service and the Climate Prediction Center has just declared El Niño factors have dissipated to such a degree worldwide, there is virtually no chance (more…)

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ANGLERS or circuits may have to adapt this winter…

“Adapt or die,” Billy Beane’s response to an old-time baseball scout in the movie Moneyball, takes on a new meaning as I hear the cries from anglers over the new Diamond Valley 3-fish tourney bag limit. This lake specific regulation recently kicked in at the busiest tournament lake in the area in attempt to better assess post tournament mortality.

According to DFG biologist Quinn Granfors, DVL was the target for the study because of “its high volume (80 percent of all events in his area are held here) and because of an abundance of deep water habitat.” (more…)

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MURKY CONDITIONS this year looking for Top 40 Anglers…

It has been a difficult road, trying to root out the best bass fishermen in California for 2012. But after sorting through tournament printouts, listening to peer testimony and even plowing through an increasing amount of angler campaigning, the annual California Top 40 Bass Anglers List will be unveiled Monday, Nov. 12.

With the evacuation of so many top-flight pros, California has been left with an ever smaller pool of noteworthy bass fishermen, (more…)

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It’s an old topic for me, but just a reminder of why you have almost no chance of making a living as a professional angler–no matter what. In a word: Marketability. If ever there was a better, slap-in-the-face example of why you won’t make it, (more…)

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While not for the casual trivia buff, The Southwick Bass Fishing Report, is business tool for major (serious) retailers, often compiling information found when anglers check in on However, in marketing this report, Rob Southwick has put out a little teaser information on the buying trends of the 11,000,000 dedicated bass chasers, nationwide. (more…)

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